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The Final Talk "A Mitakihara Tradition": Coach Kaname

The Final Talk "A Mitakihara Tradition": Coach Kaname

By Leigh Boxley
The Daily Magi
January 11, 2042

At the end of the season, the seniors on the Mitakihara Magi football team take part in a final group meeting at Hakurei Centre. It's called "The Final Talk," and it involves the entire coaching staff and has been a tradition since the end of the 2013 season.

"The Final Talk is our way of helping our seniors realize the world they are getting into when they enter the NFL," Coach Kaname said in an interview following the 2042 Final Talk. "We tell them about how a professional athlete is supposed to conduct himself. We ask them what they will take away from their experience being a part of the Mitakihara Magi football program. We ask them where they are in terms of finishing their degree.

"But the most important thing that we tell our seniors in The Final Talk is...finances. We tell them: do not go broke. Do not spend more than what is necessary. Even though we live in a culture of fast cars, fast women, and some nuances that I simply do not approve of, the importance of being wise with you cash is strong.

"We tell them to invest more than half their money in securities. Mutual funds are a must. Reduce your private equity to 5% of your cash. Our recommended breakdown is this: 5% private equity, 7-12% real estate, 50-65% securities and 15-20% alternatives. We tell them they will be in the highest tax bracket and you have to pay taxes in a number of states. If you're gonna buy a house, one house, and it should just be a regular house. If you're gonna buy a car, one car. When looking for a wife, don't go for a gold-digger. If you've had a relationship in college, take advantage of it and stick with that and get a pre-nup. We want our players to be financially solvent for the next few decades because a professional athletes career lasts, on average, a few years.

"And if you don't save you money and put it in securities, you're going to be in a world of hurt. This is also why earning a college degree is important. We've had a few players leave early for the draft. In some cases, their careers ended too soon and they are left with nothing. When you have something to fall back on, you will be in good shape.

"Another thing: don't get in trouble with the law. That means, no drugs, no marijuana, no intoxication, no gambling, stay clean and reduce your visits to the nightclubs, because really, our players shouldn't be hanging around with the wrong people, period. Our players have heard of cases of star athletes not only going broke, but getting into trouble with the law years after retirement. Some athletes are now in jail and have lost everything.

"In recent years, our players still haven't been taking our advice seriously, and since 2030, our students have been required to take classes at the Yohei Sasakawa School of Business related to finance. We make them take three of them: BUS 251-3: Financial Accounting I, BUS 254-3: Managerial Accounting I, and BUS 312-4, Introduction to Finance. This is also something the basketball, baseball and hockey teams are required to take. If they don't pass these three courses, they are cut from the team. We've had a 100 percent pass success rate, and since we have enforced these requirements, our players who turn pro have remained financially solvent. No one has gone broke, so that's a good thing.

"We think The Final Talk has been successful. Our university's students are more wise with their cash, unlike their counterparts in American colleges and universities. Those schools have students who are more inclined to spend rather than save. That's one thing that makes our students on the cutting edge: they scrimp and save instead of spend and splurge. That's a wonderful thing."

Because of the success of the Final Talk, other schools in Canada, from UBC to McGill, are also seeing their football team coaching staffs talk with their players about finances and being in the right place at the right time. Once again, Mitakihara Universty sets the standard for developing model student-athletes that are not only talented athletically and academically, but very sound financially.

Mitakihara 2041 Season Stats

[Image: magifootballintro.jpg]

2041 STATS

Records fall at Mitakihara

Records fall at Mitakihara

Staff Reports
The Daily Magi
January 8, 2042

A number of records fell following the Mitakihara Magi's 97-36 victory over the Florida Gators. The Magi, college football's most accomplished team, have won their 30th National Championship, a record. The victory also marks the 30th bowl victory for head coach Tatsuya Kaname.

Invalid Name
Individual Season - Passing TD 67
Individual Season - Rushing Yds 3630
Individual Season - Rushing TD 56
School Season - Passing TD (Season) 67
School Season - Rushing TD (Season) 56
School Season - Rushing Yds (Season) 3630

Tatsuya Kaname
Coaching Career - Bowl Victories 30
Coaching Career - National Titles 30

Ronnie Hinchcliffe
Individual Season - Field Goals 44

Week 18 2041 News

Number 30 for Mitakihara!

Number 30 for Mitakihara!

Staff Reports
The Daily Magi
January 7, 2042

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi keep piling on the crystal footballs. The 2041 season marked the Magi's 30th Bowl Championship Series title, as Mitakihara defeated the Florida Gators 97-36 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in the 2042 BCS National Championship. Quarterback Invalid Name passed for 430 yards and five touchdowns while rushing for 193 yards and four more scores.

"We continue to make history and today, we secured a historic victory as we are now the first school to have won 30 National Titles," said Coach Kaname after the game. "What a season this has been for everyone associated with Madoka. We are pretty pumped up and we pulled out a big victory over a great team.

"We'll be coming back to the island soon. Sit tight!"

Halfback Akira Himenokouji rushed for 157 yards and two majors while wide receiver Makoto Yasaka ran for 578 yards and a score. Wide receiver Kunihiko Yoichi caught seven passes for 131 yards and a touchdown, wideout Chester Patterson caught three passes for 68 yards with each pass for a touchdown and Yasaka caught five passes for 63 yards and a major.

Wide receiver Stephen Fuller led the blockers with 30 pancakes. Middle linebacker Jackie Bezzina and defensive tackle Jackie Bezzina led the defense with 13 tackles. Ledt end Buntarou Okabe led the pass rush with five sacks while cornerback Touji Ouji had three interceptions.

Mitakihara finish the season 14-0.

New Ultimate Pep Band album coming out!

[Image: madokapepband2041.jpg]

New Ultimate Pep Band album coming out!

By Irv Behich
The Daily Magi
December 19, 2041

The new album from the Mitakihara University Ultimate Pep Band has been released, entitled "Roll The Dice." Ultimate Pep Band president Shavar Toomes is a senior music major and is the conductor of the band. He also is an assistant drum major for the Marching Ultimates and oversaw production of the album.

"Roll the Dice is the Pep Band at its most loose," Toomes said on the album. "We took 20 of the finest pop standards and gave it our twist on it. We performed these songs the last three season at our basketball and volleyball games and the KiriMid, as well as a few select hockey games at Rona Shanarena. 

"We're pretty proud of this album and next season, we plan to perform at a few more hockey games on the road because the Magi ice hockey teams are the finest the continent has seen. Everyone should buy this album. It's a blast."

Roll The Dice is available on iTunes for $19.99 CAN.

1. Wooly Bully
2. Louie Louie
3. Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
4. Nobody But Me
5. Little Latin Lupe Lu
6. Gimme Some Lovin'
7. Hungry
8. Keep On Dancing
9. Barbara Ann
10. Wipe Out (Madoka Taiko Version)
11. Just Like Me
12. Wild Thing
13. Money (That's What I Want)
14. Do You Love Me?
15. Dance To The Music
16. Function At The Junction
17. Reelin' & Rockin'
18. Shout
19. Little Bit O' Soul
20. Farmer John
Bonus: You Really Got Me

"Johnson was robbed," argues Danny Harada-Parker

[Image: homu2042bcs.jpg]

"Johnson was robbed," argues Danny Harada-Parker

By Irv Behich
The Daily Magi
December 17, 2041

Mitakihara Magi right tackle Danny Harada-Parker was livid after the College Football Awards Show, when he learned that Florida center Davin Armstrong won the 2041 Rimington Trophy over Mitakihara center David Johnson. And he had a right to be angry. Armstrong finished the season with only 18 pancakes while allowing three sacks. Johnson, on the other hands, had 108 pancakes, while allowing just one sacks.

Harada-Parker won the Outland Trophy as college football's best offensive lineman.

"It's a sham, really," Harada-Parker told ESPN. "The administration at Florida paid off the Boomer Esiason Foundation to get a trophy which was ours to begin with. You saw the stats on the broadcast. How can somebody with just 18 pancakes while allowing three sacks earn college football's top center?

"The credibility of the Boomer Esiason Foundation has to be called into question here. No disrespect to Davin, but we believe that he was gifted our Rimington. The good thing is that we're facing them in Pasadena, which we consider to be a second home because we love playing in the Rose Bowl.

"We'll let the Gators borrow our Rimington this year, but next year, we're taking it back. David, Chelis [Del Santo} and Justin [Cobbs] are all coming back next year so hopefully the process won't be tainted next season. I'm gonna say it to all you sportswriters freeloading out there: Florida was gifted our Rimington and we're going to make them pay for it on the seventh.

"This can't be forgiven."

"Personally, I'm not complaining because I have two more chances at winning it," Johnson said. "I'm not concerned about that trophy. I'm here to win a team honor, and that's the crystal football. I thought we were just good enough for the Rose Bowl, but it looks like we're getting an upgrade.

"To be the first university in college football history to win 30 national championships is something you can't take for granted. Everybody is motivated to get the job done and we will get the job done. Florida can have our Rimington. But they're not getting our Four Corners."

[Image: 2042bcslogo.png]

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Week 17 2041 Preview

2041 All-Americans and All-Conference Selections

2041 Award Winners

2041 Heisman Trophy Results

Mitakihara win the Mountain West

Mitakihara win the Mountain West

Staff reports
The Daily Magi
December 7, 2041

Put it on a platter: the Magi are returning to the BCS National Championship Game.

Invalid Name passed for 880 yards and 12 touchdowns while rushing for 205 yards and three more scores as Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi wrapped up the Mountain West Conference with a 202-28 hanging of the Wyoming Cowboys at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara, B.C. Halfback Tyrone Gay rushed for 89 yards and two scores while fullback Kohei Miyahara ran for 88 yards and two more majors. Halfback Akira Himenokouji ran for 93 yards and a touchdown.

Wide receiver Kunihiko Yoichi made his case known for the Biletnikoff, making eight catches for 292 yards and two touchdowns. Wideout Stephen Fuller caught seven passes for 195 yards and two majors, wideout Chester Patterson caught six passes for 69 yards and three scores, wideout Makoto Ysaka caught five passes for 120 yards and three touchdowns and MIyahara caught four passes for 82 yards and two scores.

Yoichi led the blockers with 29 pancakes while tight Ryuta Kasugano added 24 pancakes. On defense, middle linebacker Jackie Bezzina led the defense with 19 tackles and three sacks while cornerbacks Nozomi Matsuyuki and Touji Ouji had three intrerceptions and defensive tackle Confucius Muhammad had four sacks. Free safety Karuta Kanda and cornerback Shinosuke Akasaka added two picks.

On special teams, Kanda sewed up the Mosi Tatupu Award with two punt returns for 103 yards, one which was returned 83 yards for a touchdown. 

"Our guys were motivated to win one more game at home and they came out firing," said Coach Kaname after the game. "We thought we only did well enough to make it to the Rose Bowl, but it looks like we have a good chance to go for our 30th college football crown. If that isn't awesome enough for you, I don't know what is."

Madoka improve to 13-0.

"We can beat Mitakihara": Jacob Bryant

"We can beat Mitakihara": Jacob Bryant

By Daltrey McManus
The Daily Magi
December 4, 2041

In board rooms and socials, on campus and off campus, in meeting halls and classrooms, all over Laramie, Wyo. the mantra was simple: Beat Madoka. Wyoming Cowboys senior quarterback Jacob Bryant was certain that his team could do the impossible: stop the Team of the Century. This season, Bryant has passed for 2530 yards and 20 touchdowns to lead the Cowboys.

"We can beat Mitakihara," Bryant said in an interview on a flight to Vancouver with the team. "Why not? We know what we're capable of, and we're going to do it. If we can believe we can make history, we will make history.

"We all remember the 2031 season, when Mitakihara proved it could be beaten at its own game. We are confident that we can do what a number of team have been able to do. A lot of people have been telling us it's impossible, but we don't listen to what they are saying because they don't realize that we've had a great season in our own right.

"We're 9-0 in conference play and we've had a 9-2 season, which is pretty good by our standards. But I know we're going to finish the year with at least 10 wins and we can do it by shocking the world and shocking the continent by upsetting the Magi. No disrespect to Madoka; they're a great team, probably the best we've ever faced, but we're good too and we'll prove our point.

"If somehow they also give us a major ass-whooping, I can only wonder, what the fuck are they doing in our conference? Seriously."

Week 16 2041 Preview

"For Buntarou, winning is everything": Kotori Itsuka

[Image: kotorionbuntarou.jpg]

"For Buntarou, winning is everything": Kotori Itsuka

By Daltrey McManus
The Daily Magi
Novembe 28, 2041

Kotori Itsuka, a senior Liberal Studies major, is the wife of Mitakihara Magi senior left end Buntarou Okabe. They first met before their freshman year and married in the fall monts later. According to Itsuka, the need to win and dominate is evident in his style of play. Because of his burning desire to win, Itsuka has always worn black ribbons in her hair.

"For Buntarou, winning is everything," Itsuka said, sucking on a lollipop while walking down Magia Quad. "He never stops talking about being successful, being better in what he does as a player and as a husband. He's pretty smart and really knows how to turn me on.

"When it comes to being his wife, it's serious business because he wants to be on top and I want to be on top. By improving himself and taking the lead, he makes me better as a woman. He teaches me a lot of things I never knew when I was with my foster brother and his significant other-turned wife. So he teaches me a lot.

"I don't dawdle in joining the cheer team or anything like that; I prefer to sit with the student body and join in the atmosphere over there. Buntarou doesn't need me to appeal to him that much because I do that for him when we're by ourselves in bed. He really gives me a piece of mind when it comes to giving him what he wants. All he wants is my companionship and support as his wife. Everything else is up to me.

"I have really high standards for Buntarou, and he likes me to up my standards because it drives him to be better in just about everything he does, whether it's baking a cake, tutoring me in some material, cooking other things...I don't have to do too much around the house because his accountability and willingness to go the extra mile is there.

"We got plans—big plans—after we graduate. I plan to have kids, he's gonna turn pro, and I'm going to follow him wherever he ends up because I know he's going to have enough money to take care of me and my children. He's got it made."

Week 15 2041 Preview

On point: Mitakihara pummel San Diego State 170-3

On point: Mitakihara pummel San Diego State 170-3

Staff reports
The Daily Magi
November 23, 2041

Invalid Name passed for 236 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 163 yards and a score as Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi routed the San Diego State Aztecs, 170-3, at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. Halfback Tyrone Gay ran for 218 yards and two majors, backup quarterback Rashaun Manning ran for 138 yards and a score, and halfback George Jackson rushed for 103 yards and a touchdown. Five other players scores at least a touchdown on the ground.

Wide receiver Kunihiko Yoichi led the receivers with five catches for 111 yards and four touchdowns. Fellow wideout and best friend Makoto Yasaka led the blockers with 30 pancakes, while left tackle Jerome Payne added 23 pancakes. Middle linebacker DeShawn Thompson led the defense with 12 tackles, while defensive tackle Steele Ainsworth added six sacks, while left end Molly Priddis added four more sacks.

"We had a great day with both strings, an awesome performance," said Coach Kaname after the game. "We did our part, and now we plan to get ready for the conference championship game."

Madoka improve to 12-0.

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Motivated and driven, Yui and Yukino are all in for the Magi

Motivated and driven, Yui and Yukino are all in for the Magi

By Early Mackinac
The Daily Magi
November 19, 2041

Mitakihara Magi free safety Karuta Kanda and cornerback Gene Mitaka, both freshman, draw their strength from their wives. For Kanda, it's Yui Yuigahama. For Mitaka, it's Yukino Yukinoshita. Mitaka is the top contender for the Jim Thorpe Award, while Kanda has a good chance to win the Mosi Tatupu Award as the best returner in the country. Both Yuigahama and Yukinoshita are freshmen on the women's tennis team and are passionate about their respective husbands.

[Image: yuisupportskaruta.jpg]

"Karuta-kun is amazing," said Yuigahama after practice at Court 1 of the Tomoyo Sakagami Tennis Centre. "I love the way he likes to spoil me and help me out with chores at our off-campus apartment near the Square. He's a pretty good cook and while I do the baking, he does just about the rest.

"I first met Karuta-kun the very first week of freshman year. A week after we settled into our apartment, I decided that we should be a couple so that I can get more done. I'm majoring in food science, while Karuta-kun is majoring in Fine Arts because he also like to paint and sculpt. The times I spend with Karuta-kun are the moments I treasure because for most of the day, he's practicing with the team. The only times I really get to be with him are during the offseason.

"If there is one person that I adore in this world, it's Karuta-kun. He brings so much joy to my life; I want us to seriously think about raising a family after we graduate. We're going to officially be a couple in January."

[Image: yukinosupportsgene.jpg]

"Gene's a really cool guy, almost a male version of me," Yukinoshita said of Mitaka. "Handsome, really affectionate, honest with his intentions, and he's the type of guy that want the rest of his mates to be accountable for what they do.

"Gene and me are business majors and our apartment room is right next to Karuta's and Yui's. When it comes to talking with him, he's straight, to the point, blunt and calculating. He can anticipate what's on your mind, what's wrong and all that. After the first week we were together, I decided that we should be a couple. After we head to Vegas in January to finally tie the knot, I want him to do a lot of the house work.

"Gene's always told me that he wanted to be a husband ever since I became his lover. I don't want to rush into these types of things, but somewhere down the road, I really do want us to begin that next chapter in our lives."

Week 14 2041 Preview

Mitakihara shoot down Air Force, 201-63

Mitakihara shoot down Air Force, 201-63

By Early Mackinac
The Daily Magi
November 14, 2041

Invalid Name passed for 539 yards and eight touchdowns while rushing for 435 yards and seven more scores as Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi shot down the Air Force Falcons, 201-63, on Magia Day 2041 at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara, B.C. A balance of pass and run from the 2041 Heisman contender told the story, but it wasn't all Name.

Halfback Akira Himenokouji ran for 188 yards and two touchdowns, fullback Kohei Miyahara rushed for 113 yards and a major, halfback Tyrone Gay ran for 112 yards and a score, wide receiver Makoto Yasaka rushed for 87 yards and a touchdown, halfback George Jackson ran for 153 yards and two majors, wideout Chester Patterson rushed for 38 yards and a score and halfback Mike Dorsey rushed for 59 yards and a touchdown.

Wide receiver Stephen Fuller led thje receivers with 138 yards and two touchdowns, while Yasaka caught five passes for 149 yards and three majors. Himenokoujoi caught 69 receiving yards and a score, Gay had 99 yards on four receptions with a major, and wide receiver Kunihiko Yoichi caught three passes for 52 yards and a touchdown. Yoichi also led the blockers with 28 pancakes.

Middle linebacker Jackie Bezzina paced the defense with 22 tackles and an interception. Free safety Karuta Kanda had three picks while strong safety Harry Himemiya had two picks.

"We had a great night on offense and defense and we plan to bring in the backups next week against San Diego State so that we can get some rest ahead of the Mountain West Championship," said Coach Kaname after the match. "No need to exhaust them."

Madoka improve to 11-0 and will close out the regular season next week against San Diego State. 

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The Mystique of the U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School

[Image: USAFA_Prep_Sch_Logo.jpg]

The Mystique of the U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School

By Daniel Ball
The Daily Magi
November 13, 2041

The U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School—usually referred to as "the Prep School" or "The P School"—was established in May 1961. The school's founder and first commander was Colonel Lee Charles Black. It is located on the campus of the United States Air Force Academy near the Community Center. The Prep School's mission is to prepare, motivate, and evaluate for admission to and success at the Air Force Academy. Students at the prep school are referred to as "cadet candidates" or more informally as "preppies."

The prep school has a staff of 57 people and offers a 10-month program of intense academic preparation, military training, and athletic conditioning, designed to develop in cadet candidates the skills and character necessary to be successful at the Academy. The academic curriculum is focused on mathematics, English, and sciences.

Prospective cadet candidates must:
  • Be at least 17 and not have passed their 22nd birthday by July 1 of the year they enter the Prep School.
  • Be eligible to be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be unmarried and have no dependents.
  • Meet the medical standards for a commission in the United States Air Force.

Like the Academy, admission to the prep school is competitive, with selections made by the Academy director of admissions. If a civilian, Airman, either Active Duty or Reserve, applies for but does not receiving a direct appointment to the Air Force Academy they will automatically be considered for the Prep School. Air Force enlisted may apply directly to the Prep School via Air Force Form 1786, submitted through the unit commander and MPF. Consult AFI 36-2021 for details. Enlisted members from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps are not eligible for nomination but can be considered as civilians.

Approximately 240 cadet candidates enter the prep school each summer. Civilian selectees are placed on active duty in the Air Force Reserves while attending the Prep School. Successful completion of the Prep School improves ones chance for an appointment to the Academy but it is not guaranteed. If not selected, prior enlisted are assigned to other duties, usually their previous AFSC, while previous civilian cadet candidates are discharged from the Reserves with no further obligation to the Air Force.

Between 75 and 80 percent of all entering students earn an appointment to the academy. To qualify for an appointment, students must successfully complete the Prep School program in academics, military training, pass the Candidate Fitness Test, exhibit strong ethical character, receive a recommendation from a congressmen or the prep school commander and be approved by the Academy board.

Like the main Academy the Prep School is set up like a military unit. Services, engineering and security are provided by the 10th Air Base Wing. All Cadet Candidates are in the Group with their own cadet candidate group commander. They are then divided into 3 squadrons, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, each having their own Air Officer Commanding-AOC and an Academy Military Training-AMT enlisted member. AOC's are generally Majors and are in charge of cadet candidates training and discipline. The AMT is an noncommissioned officer who supports the AOC and cadet candidates as well as mentoring over the 10 month program. Each squadron also has a cadet candidate squadron commander. Squadrons are further subdivided into 3 flights consisting of approximately 25 cadet candidates each with their own cadet candidate commander.

The academic program is 10 months long and divided into quarters and is highly structured with all cadet candidates taking the same classes for the first 3 quarters. Each quarter cadet-candidates take classes in math, ranging from advanced algebra to calculus and load forces in statics, science- both chemistry and physics, and English, as well as a one time course in basic studying and advanced reading skills. Like the Academy, professors are a mix of civilian and Officers. During the last quarter qualified students can take Calculus 141 at the Academy instead of the Prep School trigonometry and calculus courses, students may receive Academy credit for the class if they pass the placement exam.

Upon arriving to the Prep School Cadet Candidates go through an 18 day Basic Military Training -BMT. Training focuses on teaching basic military history, drill & ceremonies, customs & courtesies, uniform wear and physical fitness. After BMT cadet candidates go right into academics. Throughout the year military training time is reserved every weekday in the afternoon after academics, usually about an hour. It is used at the discretion of the Prep School commander, the squadron commanders or the cadet candidate flight commanders. Activities range from guest speakers, drill or parade practice, to room inspections. At the end of the school year cadet candidates go through a 3 day high intensity field training exercise. FTX focuses on teamwork and utilizing knowledge and leadership experience gained over the previous 10 months.

Like the Academy all Cadet Candidates are required to participate in athletics. The Prep School has a number of varsity sports, including Football, Volleyball, Men's and Women's Soccer, Men's and Women's Basketball and Track & Field. Teams play a number of different colleges throughout the state and region. There are also a variety of intramural sports available. Not all athletic time must be spent on organized sports but may also include weight lifting, running, or any other physical activity of the Cadet Candidates choosing. The football team usually plays community colleges from the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference (KJCCC).

Many prep school graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves in military and academic areas at the Academy. Nine prep school graduates have held the Cadet Wing's top leadership position as cadet wing commander, and prep school graduates have earned prestigious awards, including the Rhodes Scholarship, Fulbright Scholarship, Order of the Daedalians Scholarship, and the Guggenheim Fellowship. A number of prep school graduates have gone on to become general officers, Air Force Cross and Silver Star recipients, and astronauts. Other honors earned by prep school graduates include a White House fellowship, a Thunderbird pilot and a winner of the coveted Jabara Award.

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Magia Day 2041 dedicated to Takaishi

[Image: magiaday2041.jpg]

Magia Day 2041 dedicated to Takaishi

By Daniel Ball
The Daily Magi
November 12, 2041

Magia Day 2041 will be a bit of a bittersweet moment because it will not feature Mitakihara Magi senior linebacker Takumi Takaishi, who will not be available due to a torn shoulder. The team has picked itself up, dusted itself off and dedicated the season to Takaishi and quarterback Josh Carrington, who is also out for the season due to a broken elbow.

"Injuries are a part of the game, and they cannot be helped," said fullback Ibn Battuta. "We really wanted Takumi to be available for the bowl game, but it looks very unlikely. Takumi doesn't care if he goes down to injury, though, because he wants the team to win it for him. So we're gonna dedicate this season to him and Josh."

"I don't care what happens, I want my guys to win the conference championship and then the national championship if we make it," said Takaishi in an interview at Madoka Garden. "Playing the game is not my priority at this point. Finishing my degree while watching my teammates pick up the slack is. I've had a great career playing for Mitakihara and I don't want the team to be discouraged because I suffered a torn shoulder. It is what it is."

"Takumi's very vocal, even when he's injured," said senior free safety Kaji Hattori. "We're glad he's in the locker room to cheer us up, to get us going, to give us a spring in our step. Even though Kimo [Nishizumi] and Foosh [defensive tackle Confucius Muhammad] are our captains, Takumi's an honorary captain as far as we're concerned."

"I think the players are pretty motivated to win it for No. 58," said cornerback Nozomi "Crazy Eyes" Matsuyuki. "Air Force are a solid team, and it will be an honor to shut down the Falcons on a day where all the seniors on all the sports teams here in M-Town are honored."

Week 13 2041 Preview

Mitakihara ease past Nevada, 90-13

Mitakihara ease past Nevada, 90-13

By Gilberto Rasmussen
The Daily Magi
November 9, 2041

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi took it easy this week against the Nevada Wolf Pack and prevailed in a 90-13 rout at Mitakihara Stadium in Mitakihara, B.C. Quarterback Invalid Name passed for 202 yards and a touchdown while rushing for 296 yards and four touchdowns. Halfback Akira Himenokouji ran for 119 yards and a score. Also with a major on the ground were wide receivers Chester Patterson and Makoto Yasaka, as well as halfback George Jackson.

Yasaka led all receivers with three catches for 46 yards and a touchdown, while Himenokouji had three catches for 62 yards. Left tackle Shingo Mikadono led all blockers with 29 pancakes, while left guard T.J. King and wide receiver Stephen Fuller had 28 pancakes each.

Middle linebacker Jackie Bezzina had 21 tackles to lead the defense. Cornerback Touji Ouji had two interceptions, while right end Kazuyoshi Fujimoto had three sacks. Madoka's defense forced nine turnovers the entire game.

The Magi improve to 10-0 and will conclude the home campaign next week with Magia Day 2041 against the Air Force Falcons.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Debut album for Mitakihara Drumboys: The Release

[Image: madodrumboys2041.jpg]

Debut album for Mitakihara Drumboys: The Release

By Gilberto Rasmussen
The Daily Magi
November 6, 2041

The debut album for the Mitakihara University Drumboys, entitled "The Release," is out on iTunes for $9.99 CAN. The Drumboys is the drumline of the Mitakihara Marching Ultimates. Known for their breakneck-speed cadences and high energy performances, this album is designed to help boost sex drives, according to Seika Suzumiya, Mitakihara Assistant Director of Bands and a cousin of celebrity Haruhi Suzumiya.

"The name 'drumboys' comes from a combination of the words 'drummer' and 'tomboy,'" said Suzumiya after a band practice at Hakurei Centre. "The drumline has been called the Mitakihara Drumboys since the marching band's inception and is co-ed. Despite being a scatter band, we have our proprietary set of cadences, which are faster than any other marching band in the world, full of speed, power, and energy.

"The drumline trains like the football team because a lot of energy is exerted mentally and physically. Being a Drumboy is a massive honor that must be treasured. And the cadences are named after random sex terminology to engage the peformers in playing them accordingly. This album took us three weeks to produce."

Track List:

1. Climax
2. Doki Doki
3. Rise
4. Dildo
5. Vibrator
6. Strap-ON
7. Fleshlight
8. Lust
9. Sigh and Sniff
10. Condom
11. Passion
12. Sweat
13. Bedroom Eyes
14. Babydoll
15. Garterbelt
16. Trap
17. Spot Hit
18. Yuri and Yaoi
19. Blush
20. Euphoria
Bonus: Magia - Drumboys Version

Week 12 2041 Preview

Viva Madoka! Magi roll past Las Vegas, 173-56

Viva Madoka! Magi roll past Las Vegas, 173-56

By Gilberto Rasmussen
The Daily Magi
October 30, 2041

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi hit the jackpot when they shut down the UNLV Rebels, 173-56, at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nev. Quarterback Invalid Name passed for 453 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 490 yards and seven more majors. Halfback AKira Himenokouji ran for 245 yards and two more scores. Also with a couple of rushing touchdowns was fullback Kohei Miyahara.

Wide receiver Stephen Fuller caught six passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns while fellow wideout Kunihiko Yoichi made five catches for 129 yards and a major. Yoichi also led the blockers with 24 pancakes, while right guard Gen Harada had 21 pancakes while allowing just one sack.

Middle linebacker Jackie Bezzina led the defense with 20 tackles and two sacks, while cornerbacks Gen Mitaka and Nozomi Matsuyuki had two interceptions each. Cornerback Shinosuke Akasaka added 14 tackles, a sack and a pick. Also with a couple of sacks were left ends Buntarou Okabe and Molly Priddis.

Madoka improve to 9-0 and will take on the Nevada Wolf Pack next week in a pivotal showdown for the West Division of the Mountain West Conference.

The mystique of Steve Wynn

[Image: 614px-Steve_Wynn_Portrait.jpg]

The mystique of Steve Wynn

By Gilberto Rasmussen
The Daily Magi
October 28, 2041

Stephen Alan "Steve" Wynn (born January 27, 1942) is an American business magnate. He played a pivotal role in the 1990s resurgence and expansion of the Las Vegas Strip. His companies refurbished or built what are now widely recognized resorts in Las Vegas, including the Golden Nugget, The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn, and Encore.

Now, as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Wynn Resorts, Limited, Wynn has developed Wynn Las Vegas, which opened on April 28, 2005; Wynn Macau, which opened in September 2006; Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, which opened December 22, 2008; and Encore at Wynn Macau, which opened on April 21, 2010.

As of March 2012, Wynn is the 491st richest man in the world with a net worth of $2.5 billion.

Wynn was born Stephen Alan Weinberg in New Haven, Connecticut. His father, Michael, who ran a string of bingo parlors in eastern United States, changed the family's last name in 1946 from "Weinberg" to "Wynn" when Steve was six months old "to avoid anti-Jewish discrimination". Wynn was raised in Utica, New York, and graduated from The Manlius School, a private boys' school east of Syracuse, New York, in 1959. Steve Wynn studied cultural anthropology and English literature at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.

In 1963, his father died of complications from open heart surgery in Minneapolis, leaving $350,000 of gaming debts, shortly before Wynn graduated from Penn with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

Wynn took over running the family's bingo operation in Maryland. His success allowed him to invest in a small stake for the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he and his wife Elaine moved in 1967. Between 1968 and 1972 he also owned and operated a wine and liquor importing company. He managed to parlay his profits from a land deal in 1971 (the deal involved Howard Hughes and Caesars Palace) into a controlling interest in the landmark downtown casino, the Golden Nugget Las Vegas (he also owned Golden Nugget Atlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey). Wynn renovated, revamped and expanded the Golden Nugget from a gambling hall to a resort hotel and casino with enormous success, in the process attracting a new upscale clientele to downtown Las Vegas.

Wynn had previously acquired interests in various existing casinos. His first major Strip casino was The Mirage, which opened in November 1989. The hotel, with its erupting volcano and South Seas theme, ignited a $12 billion building boom on the Strip.

The Mirage was the first project in which he was involved in the design and construction of a casino. The $630 million cost to build the facility was financed largely with junk bonds issued by Michael Milken. The property was considered a high-risk venture by the standards then prevailing in Las Vegas because of its high cost and emphasis on luxury. However, it became enormously lucrative and made Wynn a major part of Las Vegas history.

In 1991, Golden Nugget, Incorporated was renamed Mirage Resorts, Incorporated.

Wynn's next project was Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, which opened in October 1993 at a cost of $450 million. At the front corner of the resort, the Battle of Buccaneer Bay was acted out on a full-sized pirate ship. Inside the Four-Diamond property is a casino resort with a romantic tropical theme. The Cirque du Soleil show at the Treasure Island was the first permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.

In October 1998, Wynn opened the even more opulent Bellagio, a $1.6 billion resort considered among the world’s most spectacular hotels. The architect was Jon Jerde of The Jerde Partnerships. When built, Bellagio was the most expensive hotel in the world. Today, visitors line the street in front of the hotel to watch the “Fountains of Bellagio”—shooting fountains choreographed to music that “dance” on the hotel’s 8.5 acre man-made lake. The Bellagio is credited with starting a new spree of luxurious developments in Las Vegas. Among these developments include The Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and Paris Las Vegas.

In 1999, Wynn brought Mirage Resorts’ style to Biloxi, Mississippi, where he oversaw development of the 1,835-room Beau Rivage. Blending Mediterranean beauty with Southern hospitality, the resort was part of a building boom that established Biloxi as a regional tourism center along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Beau Rivage was originally the name he wanted to give to the Bellagio but after Wynn vacationed in Italy, he decided Bellagio, after the Italian region of Bellagio, was the better name for the hotel.

Mirage Resorts was sold to MGM Grand Inc. for $6.6 billion ($21 a share) in June 2000 to form MGM Mirage. Five weeks before the deal was closed (April 27, 2000) Wynn purchased the Desert Inn for $270 million. He closed the Inn in only 18 weeks, and with the money he made on that deal, and with his ability to secure ever-greater financing, Wynn took Wynn Resorts Limited public in 2002. Wynn became a billionaire in 2004, when his net worth doubled to $1.3 billion. On April 28, 2005 he opened his most expensive resort to that date, the Wynn Las Vegas, on the site of the former Desert Inn.

Wynn successfully bid for one of three gaming concessions that were opened for tender in Macau, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, which has a long history of gaming and is the largest gaming market in the world, having surpassed Las Vegas in 2006. This property, known as Wynn Macau, opened on September 5, 2006.

In the summer of 2008, hiring began for Encore Las Vegas, the newest in Wynn's collection of resorts (the tower of Encore is modeled after the Wynn Las Vegas tower, and in fact, they share the same "property" though they are separate hotels). Wynn hired 3500 employees for this property. Encore opened on December 22, 2008.

Wynn Encore Macau opened on April 21, 2010.

Recently he spent a record price for a painting by J. M. W. Turner, $35.8 million for the Giudecca, La Donna Della Salute and San Giorgio and spent $33.2 million on a Rembrandt, the auction record for the artist.

Many of the collection's pieces were on display at the Bellagio. The collection was on display at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno while the Wynn Las Vegas was being constructed and was installed in the resort shortly before it was opened. The Wynn Las Vegas gallery, which had charged an entrance fee, closed shortly after the start of 2006. The artwork from the former gallery is now scattered around the resort. Although the artwork is owned personally by Wynn, Wynn Resorts pays an annual lease of $1. As part of the lease agreement, insurance and security are the responsibility of the company.

The centerpiece of the collection is Le RĂªve, the Picasso portrait that was the working name of the resort project. Wynn purchased the painting in 1997 for $48.4 million at the Christie's auction of the Ganz-collection on November 11, 1997. In 2006 he reportedly was to sell it to Steven A. Cohen for $139 million, which would at that time have been the highest price paid for any piece of art. However, he put his elbow through the canvas while showing it to his guests, including the screenwriter Nora Ephron and her husband Nick Pileggi, the broadcaster Barbara Walters, the art dealer Serge Sorokko and his wife, the model Tatiana Sorokko, the New York socialite Louise Grunwald and the lawyer David Boies and his wife, Mary.

This canceled the sale, and after a $90,000 repair, the painting was estimated to be worth $85 million. Wynn sued his insurance company over the $54 million difference with the virtual selling price, possibly exceeding his own buying price. The case was settled out of court in April 2007.

In 2005, the Association of Travel Marketing Executives awarded Steve Wynn the ATLAS Lifetime Achievement Award for his innovation in building resorts in Las Vegas.

In May 2006, Time magazine included Wynn as one of the World's 100 Most Influential People.

Wynn was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts by President George W. Bush on October 30, 2006.

In November 2006, Wynn was inducted into the American Gaming Association Hall of Fame.

Wynn was also the recipient of an honorary doctorate degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s 250th Commencement Ceremony in recognition of his transformative vision of Las Vegas in 2006 and has since received honorary doctoral degrees from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Sierra Nevada College; The Culinary Institute of America; and Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Forbes Magazine named him a “Captain of Capitalism” in 2007.

In 2009, Wynn received the Manfred Steinfeld Humanitarian Award at the 22nd Annual Platinum Circle Awards.

On July 26, 2009, a segment on Wynn was aired on the CBS News series 60 Minutes.

Wynn was named to Institutional Investor's Best CEOs list in the All-America Executive Team Survey from 2008 through 2011.

In March 2011, Barron's named Steve Wynn one of the 30 “World’s Best CEOs” while Fortune simultaneously recognized Wynn Resorts as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.”

In September 2012, Wynn Resorts is sole Nevada company on Fortune Magazine's List of "100 Fastest-Growing Companies".