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A bold prediction from Baker: "Hawaii will beat Madoka"

A bold prediction from Baker: "Hawaii will beat Madoka"

September 1, 2031

Weekly Report Posted: December 23, 2012 21:59

Junior quarterback Demetrius Baker of the Hawaii Warriors, a pocket passer from San Dimas, California, had one bold prediction at practice this week in Honolulu.
"We will beat Mitakihara," Baker said to the press. "I believe that after 20 years of Canada running the table in college football, we need to take back the national championship to America.
"We may not be the team that will crack the BCS, but let me tell you: I know a team worthy of finally doing something historic, aside from the FCS titles we have won: beating the Magi.
"A lot of people are telling me that I am crazy, but then again, many people thought Joe Namath was crazy when he said the Jets would win Super Bowl III. I like to emulate him in a way."
Baker's words have generated a buzz on Twitter and Facebook, and everyone in Hawaii is excited at their chances of finally slaying the giant of college football for the past two decades.
"Demetrius may be one crazy quarterback, but if he say we gonna katoosh them out of da island, den he mus be rite," said Skippy Alo, a junior Hawaiian Studies major from Waipahu. "We seen crazier things happen out here, so if he say we gonna win, den we gonna win. Plain simple."
"This is my first game on the job," said first-year head coach Dennis Burke, a graduate of the university and a former offensive tackle. "But I like to dream big, and so we're gonna have everyone on campus come out for this game. We're gonna have one big part. And who knows, maybe we're gonna make history.
"I tell the players to never let go of your dreams. Never stop believing. We have an opportunity to not only shock America, but the world. This is our moment to shine, and we're gonna do whatever it takes to get it done."

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