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A staggering stat: More women than men attending Mitakihara

A staggering stat: More women than men attending Mitakihara

November 29, 2027

Weekly Report Posted: November 18, 2012 22:31

One of the most staggering statistics regarding Mitakihara University was released this week. According to reports from Mitakihara University Admissions, 75 percent of the student body at Mitakihara are comprised of women.

"This is a very shocking statistic," said Mitakihara Dean of Admissions, Makoto Kikuchi. "We really want this to be a university for everyone: be it men or women.

"Perhaps male prospective students are overwhelmed by our campus being a bit too feminine for their likings. Or maybe it's a fact that a lot of nosebleed incidents have taken place.

"Whatever the case may be, we have to encourage more male students to consider Mitakihara University as a viable option to further their studies."

Most of the male student body are active in sports clubs and compete on the athletic teams on campus. One encouraging statistic is that the recent wave of applications comprises 55-45 in favor of male students, so the is a possibility that more male students will be enrolled at Mitakihara.

When surveyed by the university as to the reasons why less male students were attending the school, the top reason was the location. Mitakihara University is located on Vancouver Island, north of Nanaimo, British Columbia in Mitakihara Town. Many students in the Pacific Northwest earn their education from UBC, the University of Washington, Simon Fraser or the University of Victoria because they are not as competitive in terms of enrollment as Mitakihara.

"Maybe we are getting a bit too good for our own good. Not saying that this is a bad thing, but perhaps laxing our standards just a little to encourage gender equity will work," Kikuchi said. "Many of us who facilitate this process believe that it should stay as it is.

"Beside, I like a university whose student body comprises mostly of women. Don't you?"

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