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Akane Isshiki: At Ride And At Play

Akane Isshiki: At Ride And At Play
December 7, 2033
Weekly Report Posted: January 12, 2013 21:53 

She plays her favorte song while on her bike. "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashman, Mitakihara Magi special teams coach Akane Isshiki does before while heading off to her office, distributing the town's Japanese newspaper, the Mitakihara Shinbun. In Mitakihara Town, there are two newspapers, the English language newspaper Mitakihara Daily News and the Mitakihara Shinbun. Actually, there are five if you include the Province, the National Post and the Globe and Mail.

"Family Guy was a show that I heard of when I first moved here," said Isshiki as she watched the kickers practice their field goal kicking inside a very warm Hakurei Centre. "Brian Griffin was my favorite. I like dogs with snappy responses.

"But the song that I associate with Family Guy was Surfin' Bird. On my iPad 15th generation, I like to play the song on a loop while riding through town on campus. I also like to listen to Filipino music, since one of my friends, Himawari Shinomiya, is part-Filipina. She likes Freddie Aguilar, and so do I.

"My favorite song from Freddie is Estudyante Blues. I also like the Juan Dela Cruz Band and their song 'Balong Malalim,' or Deep Well. During practice, I like to play a few Filipino rock songs just to throw the guys a curveball.

"Mitakihara is a university that is full of Filipino-Canadians and Filipino international exchange students. We have a partnership with the University of Santo Tomas and the University of the Philippines. We're trying to get a copy of the UP Oblation installed on campus and it will be placed in the university art museum we have over at Saito Library.

Isshiki and Rei Kuroki have two iPS children: fraternal twins, Haruka and Sora Isshiki. Currently, they are in elementary school, in the third grade and will not be ready to consider college until 2041.

"I sometimes think of Haruka and Sora when I do my work here on campus," Isshiki said. "Rei-chan is responsible for taking care of them when they return from class. She also works as a school teacher at Mitakihara Middle School.

"I hope Haruka and Sora-chan come to Madoka to get their degrees. It's going to really help when they can become successful just like me and Rei-chan have."

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