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Akane Isshiki a stickler for flying about town

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Akane Isshiki a stickler for flying about town

September 21, 2027

Weekly Report Posted: November 16, 2012 00:47 

Akane Isshiki's hovering motorbike is a trademark of her personality. Isshiki likes to ride on her motorbike, flying up and down Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

"This motorbike is something I had when I was young," said Isshiki, the graduate assistant of the sprint football team. "I earned my driver's license at a young age, but I need to wear a helmet so that I don't get injured.

"I use this motorbike to go to a number of different places in British Columbia. I can hang around a number of sights in Vancouver, stroll around the Butchart Gardens, have tea in Langley, and mountain-climb outside Squamish...all in the span of a day.

"And I have gas to spare because this is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes out there. It's like a part of me."

Isshiki's coaching outfit is a sweater with raglan sleeves and pink bloomers. When people on campus watch a motorcycle fly by, they know it's Akane.

"She's really lucky to have a flying motorbike like that," said sprint football sophomore quarterback Hans-Michael Goff. "The way she controls that bike is pretty impressive. And she has a nice body too. Too bad she's already married."

"I bet she's logged 10,000 km already with that thing," added Ben Haubertson, a left end on the sprint football team and another sophomore. "And it still looks like she just bought it from the dealer."

"We're really lucky to have a graduate assistant like Coach Akane, but it's sad that this will be her only year with us," said sprint football freshman cornerback Jono Jack. "She gets us fired up and always has a positive attitude every time she heads out on the field with us. You don't see someone like her on campus every day."

When asked of her favorite city in British Columbia to visit on her motorbike, Isshiki made it very clear of her decision.

"I like driving around M-Town before work and after work," she said. "I do have to obey to local traffic laws, though."

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