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Akiyuki Kaname, Mitakihara win 25th National Championship

Akiyuki Kaname, Mitakihara win 25th National Championship

From staff reports
The Daily Magi
January 8, 2037

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi won the school's 25th National Championship after pasting the Arkansas State Red Wolves, 209-38, at Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida in the 2037 BCS National Championship Game.

Quarterback Akiyuki Kaname passed for 695 yards and six touchdowns while rushing for 87 yards and three touchdowns. The ground game was stellar: halfback Rio Onjouji ran for 49 yards and two touchdowns, quarterback Dwayne Harris rushed for 248 yards and three majors, halfback Bryan Flowers ran for 250 yards and three scores, fullback Tim Wilcox rushed for 143 yards and two touchdowns and wide receiver Wendell Novak ran for 25 yards and two majors.

Wide receiver Ron Takakamo caught seven passes for 230 yards and two touchdowns, Novak caught eight passes for 140 yards and a major and wideout John Brown caught four passes for 116 yards and a score. Also catching passes for touchdowns were flowers, tight end Juan Valdez and fullback Gale Miketsukami.

Novak, left guard Rich Smith and left tackle Jason Harvey led the blockers with 18 pancakes.

Strong safety Jojo Oohoshi led the tackles with 13 hits, but it was Jim Thorpe Award winner Mickey Tsuruta that dealt the most damage, making five interceptions. Right end Taylor Luke and Lombardi Award-winning defensive tackle Dax Hasegawa had three sacks each.

"This was quite a career not only for my son but for the entire team," said Coach Kaname after the game. "It's been a hallmark of our program to finish strong and finish with authority and this year, we did both of them with style. It's a great year to be part of the Mitakihara family and we hope to keep this going for years to come because this is the premier dynasty, not only in collegiate sports but sports in general.

"This team is truly, truly amazing."

Mitakihara finish the season at 13-0.

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