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Blake Harris kicked off football team

Blake Harris kicked off football team

January 12, 2028

Season Report Posted: November 22, 2012 07:07

Head coach Tatsuya Kaname did not waste any time in weeding out the players who wanted out. The only player that decided to transfer was right tackle Blake Harris, who is transferring to Missouri.

"I've made up my mind, Coach. I feel transferring is the best thing for me," Harris said in a face-to-face meeting with Kaname.

"If you've decided to transfer, that is a violation of our 'no-transfer clause' and as a result, you are kicked off the team," Kaname said in response. "Pack your bags, and leave this university and Canada within the next 48 hours or I will call Immigrations to send you out. Dismissed."

Afterwards, Kaname held a press conference at Urobuchi Fieldhouse to announce the dismissal.
"Blake Harris has been dismissed from the Magi football team for choosing to violate the university's 'no-transfer' clause," Kaname said to the press. "He is currently on his way back to the United States and has been ordered to leave Mitakihara University immediately.

"While we wish Blake all the best, he is no longer considered part of the Mitakihara family effective today. Players who are truly part of the Mitakihara family do not do anything in their power to violate our 'no-transfer' clause."

However, there is also some good news coming out of the University: Kaname succeeded in persuading right ends Hat Trick Thompson and Patrick Thompson; left tackle Lamar Clarke, wide receiver C.J. Walden, left outside linebacker Kyle Williams, right tackle Bo Hill and halfback Aaron Hogan in coming back for their senior seasons.

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