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Chris Timmons named head coach of new Mitakihara sprint football team

Chris Timmons named head coach of new Mitakihara sprint football team

January 12, 2027

Season Report Posted: November 14, 2012 04:50

Former Mitakihara Magi wide receiver Chris Timmons has been named the head coach of the new Mitakihara Magi sprint football team, thanks to reports from the Daily Magi. Timmons, a three-time Super Bowl champion with the San Diego Chargers, retired from playing after the 2026 NFL season to focus on coaching.

"It is an honor to return to campus and become the coach of the lightest football team in Canada," said Timmons at a press conference at Hakurei Centre. "One of the main goals that we wanted to accomplish is to make football a game that people of all sizes and skills can play. With our sprint football program, even light, lanky freshmen can become true gridiron kings.

"We plan to recruit talent from different parts of Canada, and we hope to win the CSFL title in our first season."

Sprint football, formerly called lightweight football, is a varsity sport played by United States colleges and universities, under rules similar to American football. The sport is currently governed by the Collegiate Sprint Football League.

Unlike conventional collegiate football which places a premium on body weight and strength, sprint football emphasizes speed and agility. Players must maintain a weight of 172 lbs or less and a minimum of 5% body fat to be eligible to play.

The coaching staff of the Magi sprint football team are as follows:

Head coach: Chris Timmons
Offensive coordinator: Seth Pennington
Quarterbacks: Chad McKnight
Running backs: Len Manson
Receivers: Elly Warren
Defensive coordinator: Ricardo Dickerson
Defensive line: Lou Outlaw
Linebackers: Cameron Booth
Secondary: Darin Jones
Special Teams: Joe Crawford

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