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Construction of Marisa Kirisame Pyramid scheduled to finish by Sept. 1

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Construction of Marisa Kirisame Pyramid scheduled to finish by Sept. 1

January 11, 2027

Season Report Posted: November 14, 2012 04:18 

Construction of the $250 million CAN Marisa Kirisame Pyramid is scheduled for completion on September 1, 2027, where a grand opening will take place, followed by the Puella Magi women's volleyball team opener with Long Beach State.

"This marks a landmark in the growth of Mitakihara University," said university president Dr. Madoka "Maru" Kyouno at a press conference outside of the construction site, located on reclaimed land that is now property of the university. "We believe that with the construction of the Kirisame Pyramid, the winning tradition of our basketball and volleyball programs will continue for decades to come."

"It is an honor for me to leave my legacy on this storied venue," Kirisame said via conference call. "I am a fan of the women's volleyball team and I wanted to show my appreciation for Mitakihara Athletics. I hope that the Kirisame Pyramid becomes a venue that all of Mitakihara Town and British Columbia and Canada can be proud of."

The Kirisame Pyramid rises 18 stories above north campus and can be seen for miles in all directions. It has provided a quantum leap in both the image and effectiveness of the Mitakihara athletics programs, with an immediate impact on the Magi and Puella Magi fan base, scholarship fundraising, recruiting and revenue generation. Nearly 500,000 visitors will pass through the Kirisame Pyramid's entrances in its first year of existence.

Designed by Long Beach architect Don Gibbs and built by the Nielson Construction Company of San Diego, USA, the Kirisame Pyramid-a carbon copy of Long Beach State's Walter Pyramid-cost approximately $250 million CAN.

The Kirisame Pyramid measures 500 feet on each side of its perfectly square base. Its floor space accommodates nine volleyball courts or three full basketball courts and four additional half basketball courts on the "activity" level.

The building also features a state-of-the-art conference center, Decretium Pointe, a first-rate venue for academic lectures, workshops, seminars, and banquets. The Kirisame Pyramid also features a modern fitness center, "Kirimid Fitness Club," which is open to the university community and public at large, in addition to physical education classes.

Canada's first true pyramid, The Kirisame Pyramid's most unique feature is its cantilevered seating system, mounted on moveable platforms. When use of the floor level is required for physical education classes, each 81-ton seating platform can be raised hydraulically to expose over 45,000 square feet of beechwood flooring.

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