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Cornerback Tooji Ooji has Mitakihara U in his crosshairs

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Tamako Kitashirakawa, the mother of high school cornerback phenom Tooji Ooji (JR, Mitakihara HS Angels).

Cornerback Tooji Ooji has Mitakihara U in his crosshairs

By Greg Morgan
The Daily Magi
November 7, 2036

High school junior corner Tooji Ooji is a player with speed and hands and also plays wide receiver. His acumen and football IQ has made him a prized recruit by many SEC, Big XII and Pac-12 schools. However, there is one university that Ooji has set his crosshairs on.

"I've always wanted to be a Magi since I first watched a football game with my mom and dad in the stands," said Ooji, the son of Magi badminton ace Mochizou Ooji and former Marching Ultimates majorette Tamako Kitashirakawa, who was a former Rose Arrow Boosters president and the general manager of the Mitakihara Lawson's Station. "I never considered schools south of the border, and playing for Simon Fraser or UBC really didn't thrill me."

"My parents were graduates of Madoka and they really want me to follow their footsteps. Not only do they work at Lawsons, but I have done photography of them with the mochi that they sell at the store. I didn't realize until I was five that the hair ornaments that my mom wears are actually real mochi balls. Real rice cakes. And I'm wondering, how does she do that without the rice sticking to her hair and damaging her follicles? That was, like, pretty cool, and another reason why I think my mom, even though she's, like, in her late 30's, is still hot."

Ooji's girlfriend is Sunny Lee, the daughter of former Magi secondary man Lee Seongnam and Midori Tokiwa, a good friend of Ooji's mother, who the locals simply refer to as Tamako or Tam. She is also a junior at Mitakihara High School and is planning to enroll at Mitakihara University.

Ooji speaks Japanese with a Kansai accent, French with a joual accent and English with a Canadian accent.

"I've always wanted to major in photography and film," said Ooji. "I've been an avid filmgoer since I was age five, and I always like to use my allowance to watch really bad flicks over Junior Mints and poutine. Nowadays, I rent movies online so that I can eat mom's famous mochi while watching. I got 4,000 movies housed in the basement of our house, known affectionately as Mom's Basement. This way, I take pride in watching movies from my mom's basement.

"But I do like taking photographs of models and regular people. It's a sort of side job for me. Getting a degree from Madoka is gonna be one hell of a bonus because I got something to fall back on.

"Like I said though, as a star cornerback playing high school ball, I gotta keep my options open."

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