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Debut album for Mitakihara Drumboys: The Release

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Debut album for Mitakihara Drumboys: The Release

By Gilberto Rasmussen
The Daily Magi
November 6, 2041

The debut album for the Mitakihara University Drumboys, entitled "The Release," is out on iTunes for $9.99 CAN. The Drumboys is the drumline of the Mitakihara Marching Ultimates. Known for their breakneck-speed cadences and high energy performances, this album is designed to help boost sex drives, according to Seika Suzumiya, Mitakihara Assistant Director of Bands and a cousin of celebrity Haruhi Suzumiya.

"The name 'drumboys' comes from a combination of the words 'drummer' and 'tomboy,'" said Suzumiya after a band practice at Hakurei Centre. "The drumline has been called the Mitakihara Drumboys since the marching band's inception and is co-ed. Despite being a scatter band, we have our proprietary set of cadences, which are faster than any other marching band in the world, full of speed, power, and energy.

"The drumline trains like the football team because a lot of energy is exerted mentally and physically. Being a Drumboy is a massive honor that must be treasured. And the cadences are named after random sex terminology to engage the peformers in playing them accordingly. This album took us three weeks to produce."

Track List:

1. Climax
2. Doki Doki
3. Rise
4. Dildo
5. Vibrator
6. Strap-ON
7. Fleshlight
8. Lust
9. Sigh and Sniff
10. Condom
11. Passion
12. Sweat
13. Bedroom Eyes
14. Babydoll
15. Garterbelt
16. Trap
17. Spot Hit
18. Yuri and Yaoi
19. Blush
20. Euphoria
Bonus: Magia - Drumboys Version

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