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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: 11-12-29, in the words of Homura Akemi

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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: 11-12-29, in the words of Homura Akemi

November 14, 2029

Weekly Report Posted: December 14, 2012 07:22

Occasionally, I like to bring in guests to the Kaname house for dinner, as well for an nightstay. We get visitors from a lot of places, and it turns into a bit of a side business, with the place being a bed-and-breakfast. Thanks to Mitakihara University's partnership with airbnb, I was able to help create a guest residence at the combine, and it's patroned by a lot of celebrities from Japan, and from those looking to gain citizenship. The guest residence has two bedrooms, a shower, a kitchen and a lounge/rec room and is tended to by five chambermaids who are employees of the university. Because this is a popular bed-and-breakfast with the well-to-do, the chambermaids are paid relatively well and have a decent living when combined with other work.

One time, I think this week, I had a few friends from Sakuragaoka Town in Tokyo visit me. They were Azusa Nakano, Tsumugi Kotobuki and Yui Hirasawa. For me, seeing back here was like meeting an old friend. She used to be the football team's offensive coordinator for a few seasons before she went back home to focus on recording and touring with her band Hokago Tea Time.

I actually had a lot of fun spending the night with these guests, espeically when there isn't much to prepare for. Madoka, Tatsuya, Sayaka and Kyouko don't mind me spending time with the guests because I like being a bit adventurous. One thing that really got my motor running was their tendency to sleep with just a sweater and their panties. That's it. The bras were completely optional, and after willingly copping a feel a few times, I could confirm that there was no bras on them.
I studied the patterns, and the designs and the way it felt on them. And then I was inspired to chat with another good friend of mine the following day.

Next door to the Kaname residence is the Miketsukami residence, where Soushi Miketsukami and his wife Ririchiyo Shirakiin resided. Ririchiyo is a graduate of the university and earned a Bachelor's Degree in fashion design in 2020. She was also a prior donor to the university. Ririchiyo's specialty is gothic fashion, and her house had a studio where she designed different dresses and props and makeup and perfumes. But she always wanted to broaden her horizons.

I knock on her door, "Ririiiichiyoooooo!" I said.

[Image: inuxbokuss01011.jpg]

She opened the door. "Yeah? Oh, it's you. Hi, Homura, come in."
Took off my shoes, went inside, had some coffee. "I have some wicked ideas for your next line of clothing."
She goes, "Oh? Lemme go take a look here." I show her this photo of my guests inside my bedroom.

[Image: homuyuzu1.jpg]

"Who are these people?"
"Some good friends from Japan, sporting what you should consider. Sweater-and-lingerie combinations."

[Image: 79465407.jpg]

She goes, "Why would I do that? I mean, it's nice and all, but it's...too generic."
"In Canada, you have to squeeze the tits of the system. Therefore, you need to cash in and diversify with something not-so-Gothic. These types of combi may not be your cup of tea, but let me tell you, if you think out of the box, it's going to pay massive dividends for your business. Soon, I'm gonna be living next to a legit fashion house, and perhaps the first fashion house in this city. Why not give it a try."
She took the photo. "I guess this will work. So I have to come up with color combinations and designs for the panties that match the sweaters, right?"
"Go for some fabrics that are also high-quality. Make it something to die for, something that will make the people on forums like Utopia say, 'Man, dat girl look sexay. Rrrrr.' You know what I'm saying?"
"Utopia? What's that?"
"It's some sports/video game forum that Akiyuki is a frequent member of. He goes under the name Hachiko, because he likes Akitas."
"Hmmmm. Well, I'll go ahead and work on this. Thanks for the inspiration. I owe you one." A hug, a kiss, and I headed off to Hakurei Centre to do some coaching. Today, we were going to do some retooling of the wingbone.

Ririchiyo and Soushi also have a son, Gabriel Gale Miketsukami, or Jiji Miketsukami in Japanese. Clever pun, I might say. He goes simply by his baptized middle name, Gale. He plays tight end and is one of top blockers on the Mitakihara High School Varsity Angels football team and has great hands. He's only a sophomore, so he has room to grow, but he also plays middle linebacker and is nicknamed "Gale Force One" for his speed and acceleration. Gale is thinking about attending Mitakihara and becoming a Magi but he weighing other offers from schools in the States. Even UBC is trying to win his rights. I hope young Gale makes the right decision, but if you ask me, the writing might be on the wall.

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