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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: November 24, 2026

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: November 24, 2026

November 24, 2026

Weekly Report Posted: November 12, 2012 19:13 

Practice at Hakurei Centre was done for the day and offensive coordinator Homura Akemi drove home to the Kaname house. Head coach Tatsuya Kaname was already home and had to be excused a bit earlier than usual because he was tired from watching game film. He was resting in the bedroom of defensive coordinator Kyouko Sakura. That left Homura with the opportunity to spend more time with her wife Dr, Madoka Kaname, who was checking out some documents while wearing nothing but her underwear and a babydoll.

"Hey Madoka," Homura said, coming into Madoka's bedroom to undress down to her underwear before lying next to her.
"Long day, Homura-chan?"
"Yeah, it's been quite a long day. We had to work on the wildcat formations because Brian forgot how to run the offense again. He's got quite a short memory." Homura wrapped her arms around Madoka, slipping a hand under her bra. "What you readin'?"
"Take a look at this," Madoka said.

[Image: madokapyramid.jpg]

"Hmmm? What is this?" Homura asked.
"This is one of Maru's first projects."
"A pyramid? And who is Maru again?"
"The current president?"
"Oh, that's right. Dr. Kyouno. So this is one of her projects?"
"Yep. A brand-new pyramid which will house the basketball and volleyball programs. They have been constructing this new facility since the middle of last year and will finish up by June of next year. Construction has been going rather smoothly, and with the technology Canada has now, things are a bit more accelerated."
"Wow. But what about Akagi Court?"
"Akagi Court and Minato Court will be used for the physical education departments. There will be youth tournaments that will be held there. The place was too small and cramped for our liking, so this new pyramid building is going to host the games."
"Have the board decided on a name?"
"It's provisionally called the Mitakihara University Pyramid, but there are a number of people that are stepping up to leave their name on the buildings. I recommended one name to Maru, but she has to give the OK. Take a look at this."

[Image: marisatrans.png]

"Oh? Who's this woman?"
"She is Marisa Kirisame, the wife of Reimu Hakurei, of which the Hakurei Centre is named after."
"She looks like a nice lady. But why did you recommend her?"
Madoka smiled as she felt Homura slip a hand under her panties. "Because her bid gives up more money than all of the others. She is donating $250 million CAN to land the naming rights to the arena. The nearest one? $50 million CAN. That's five times as many."
"Five times as many?"
"Five times as many. That's right."
Homura whistled. "Can't believe Dr. Maru hasn't given the OK yet."
Madoka felt her cell phone ring. She picked it up. "Hello?"
"Maaaaa-doka!" It was Dr. Madoka Kyouno, a.k.a. Dr. Maru.
"Oh, hi Maru. So, what do you think?"
"Marisa's bid gets the OK. But we will delay the announcement until after the Conference Championship Week. All right?"
"Good idea. Did you tell the others?"
"I told the board of the decision. You are the last to know."
"Excellent. Okay. I'll talk to you later."
"See you!" And Madoka hung up.
"The Marisa Kirisame Pyramid...or the Kirimid for short," Homura mused. "I like the sounds of that."
"I know, Homura-chan. I like it too," Madoka said. The announcement of the name would actually be delayed until after the football season ended.

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