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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: October 20, 2031

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: October 20, 2031

October 20, 2031

Weekly Report Posted: December 24, 2012 21:39

Before practice began, Tatsuya Kaname went over to Daru Hashida and told him to start warming up the players and having their go through their drills. He then went over to Ryan Sampson, who was about to head to the locker room to put on his pads for practice. "Ryan, come to my office. Immediately."
"Huh? What happened?" he asked. The two of them went over to his offce at Hakurei Centre. Already inside was the University President and Tatsuya's wife, Homura Akemi, and Tatsuya's sister, Dr. Madoka Kaname, the university founder.
"Have a seat," Tatsuya said. He did.
"What is this all about, Coach?"
"I have been receiving reports that you engaged in an act with a now-former member of our Board of Trustees, is that correct?"
"According to this report, you made an agreement with Ms. Sanae Dekomori to tank the first seven games of the season so that she would win the bet and deliver the money to us as an addition to our endowment. Is that right?"
"Y..." He couldn't say it. He was sweating. Really sweating.
"Speak up." Tatsuya was pissed, and ready to explode very soon.
"That is correct, sir."
Tatsuya broke one of his pencils with his fist. "Do you realize what you have just done?"
"What I have...done?"
"You destroyed our season and Magi football beyond all repair! Do you realize that now you are the most hated student in the entire university? And you're a fifth-year senior, Ryan! We hold you to very high moral standards! Why would you do this?"
"I...I'm sorry..."
"That's not going to be enough! At all! Look at what you have done! We have our first losing season in history, we won't be defending our hardware, and we won't be going to a bowl game. Why would you destroy everything we have accomplished just to increase our bottom line?"
"I..." Tatsuya threw the broken pencil at Ryan's face, injuring his eye.
"Tatsuya!" Madoka shot back, trying to hold back tears. "Stop this at once!"
Homura held him back. "Takkun, we will talk to him. Go do you work on the field. Go."
He got up. "I don't want to see you playing another fucking game for this team ever again! Get your ass outta here, you fucking cunt!" And he slammed the door violently, causing a portrait of the coach and his coaching staff to drop and shatter into pieces.
Ryan was in tears. Homura and Madoka sat in front of him, disappointed looks on their faces. "Ryan, look up," Homura said.
He did. He was a mess. One pathetically pitiful mess. You'd think he was a fucking hobo from the street. Or something.
"We've made a decision that the game against Stanford is your last game playing for the team."
Ryan broke down and sobbed. He couldn't say anything. Madoka went over to console him.
"I know it's tough for you, but you can't go out and try to help our finances with this. Our university's budget and endowment is fine the way it is. The money from the betting will now go to charities," Homura said. "We are going to honor your scholarship so that you can finish up your schoolwork, but we do not want you to take part in any practices or games for this team ever again."
"We're not kicking you out of the Mitakihara family," Madoka said to Ryan. "We all make mistakes, but this is something that we hope you will learn from, and you will realize that you should never, ever, do anything like this again."
"I'm sorry," Ryan sobbed. "I'm sorry."
"And Ryan, I understand you want to make yourself feel better," Homura went on, "but can you stop motorboating Madoka? That's my job, and Tatsuya's, as well."
"Sorry! Tee hee!" He never felt so embarrassed in his life. The bastard. Ryan would go on to major in architecture, complete his marriage to Sanae, and move to England to start a new life.

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