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Football team tryouts a rousing success

Football team tryouts a rousing success

March 15, 2030

Season Report Posted: December 16, 2012 11:42

This past week, the Mitakihara Magi football team held a weeklong football tryouts camp to create the roster for the 2030 squad. Over 500 students from campus, as well as another 250 prospective freshmen, took part in the camp, which took place at Hakurei Centre.
Prospective athletes were tested on speed, strength, agility, acceleration, stamina, and other position-related attributes. Head coach Tatsuya Kaname, interim offensive coordinator Harley Davidson and defensive coordinator Kyouko Sakura conducted the camp, which lasted from March 11 until March 15.
"To see 750 athletes take part in tryouts for up to 70 positions...that is a marvelous thing," said Kaname on Friday. "The competition was fierce, and it wasn't easy to evaluate the different scores and weigh them against a benchmark.
"What we plan to do is cut the roster into phases, then we will have a provisional 120-man roster by June, in which all the players on the list will be invited for training camp. After that, the final wave of cuts will be made to form our roster.
"For most of the players, it will be a dream deferred, but only so many can earn a scholarship to play for Madoka. This shows you how they want to be a part of a winner."
The team has not announced their next offensive coordinator, but an announcement will be made some time in mid to late April.

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