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"For Buntarou, winning is everything": Kotori Itsuka

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"For Buntarou, winning is everything": Kotori Itsuka

By Daltrey McManus
The Daily Magi
Novembe 28, 2041

Kotori Itsuka, a senior Liberal Studies major, is the wife of Mitakihara Magi senior left end Buntarou Okabe. They first met before their freshman year and married in the fall monts later. According to Itsuka, the need to win and dominate is evident in his style of play. Because of his burning desire to win, Itsuka has always worn black ribbons in her hair.

"For Buntarou, winning is everything," Itsuka said, sucking on a lollipop while walking down Magia Quad. "He never stops talking about being successful, being better in what he does as a player and as a husband. He's pretty smart and really knows how to turn me on.

"When it comes to being his wife, it's serious business because he wants to be on top and I want to be on top. By improving himself and taking the lead, he makes me better as a woman. He teaches me a lot of things I never knew when I was with my foster brother and his significant other-turned wife. So he teaches me a lot.

"I don't dawdle in joining the cheer team or anything like that; I prefer to sit with the student body and join in the atmosphere over there. Buntarou doesn't need me to appeal to him that much because I do that for him when we're by ourselves in bed. He really gives me a piece of mind when it comes to giving him what he wants. All he wants is my companionship and support as his wife. Everything else is up to me.

"I have really high standards for Buntarou, and he likes me to up my standards because it drives him to be better in just about everything he does, whether it's baking a cake, tutoring me in some material, cooking other things...I don't have to do too much around the house because his accountability and willingness to go the extra mile is there.

"We got plans—big plans—after we graduate. I plan to have kids, he's gonna turn pro, and I'm going to follow him wherever he ends up because I know he's going to have enough money to take care of me and my children. He's got it made."

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