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Harumi Kouno: a housewife and a loyal football fan

Harumi Kouno: a housewife and a loyal football fan

By John Rolfe
The Daily Magi
September 1, 2038

Harumi Kouno is a freshman computer engineering major and is the wife of Mitakihara Magi freshman halfback Akira Himenokouji, also a computer engineering major. Kouno used to be a robot named Milfa, but Mitakihara University founder Dr. Madoka Kaname interceded, she transformed into a human being for good and is now married to Akira.

"I had no qualms about being married at a young age," said Harumi as she shared a light slice-of-life moment over panini and coffee with Akira at the co-op. "Akira's an amazing husband, and he comes from a wealthy family, so I know I have a husband that can pay the bills and take care of the kids I plan to have. He's an amazing lover, too, and really gets my drive going.

"Whenever I'm with him, wearing a skirt or pants is purely optional unless it's a formal occasion, and even so, I wear short shorts. That shows you how much we have the hots for each other.

"I love Harumi," said Akira. "A wonderful woman who wanted to be a human being rather than a robot. I told her that there's plenty of job opportunities in Canada so if you want to make your fortune, marry me and we'll enroll here at this university.

"There's no rush for us to have kids; we would like to wait until we graduate. But we sleep in the same bed and I'm always tempted to go ahead and start a family. But we're only freshman and just experiencing college life, so we're just restricted to foreplay. Harumi's an amazing partner in bed. She is easy to turn on and it's so easy for me to make her feel comfortable.

"We're each other's study partner, too. We go to the same classes, read the same books, and after practice and weight training, we take a walk to clear our minds. She's met a lot of people on the team and is a fan of Leeroy Jenkins, our star quarterback. There's even been one occasion where she played World of Warcraft, but she doesn't like to play that game often because she prefers NCAA Football 39.

"Aside from that, Harumi means the world to me. She can cook, she can clean, and she encourages me to help her out with a lot of things. She is the one person in my life that helps make college fun, aside from football."

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