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Homura Akemi retires from coaching at age of 41

Homura Akemi retires from coaching at age of 41

February 22, 2030

Season Report Posted: December 16, 2012 09:44

At the age of 41 and 19 national championships later, Homura Akemi has retired from coaching the game of football and will take a position as a physical education instructor at the university. The offensive coordinator for the Magi since 2011, it was a very tough decision for Akemi to take, but this move will allow her to spend more time in being a teacher and a full-time mom.
"I don't want to do any glory-hunting and go for a 20th national championship," Homura said, trying to fight back tears, surrounded by her husband, football head coach Tatsuya Kaname and his sister, university founder Dr. Madoka Kaname, at a press conference at Urobuchi Fieldhouse. "I feel like I have done all I can to help make this university's football program successful.
"I don't need to try my luck in any professional leagues. I was here for the students, and I will continue to be here for the students. This has been an extraordinary journey for me and now that I am taking on the challenge of becoming a fitness and kinesiology instructor for this school, it allows me to spend more time with my family.
"I don't regret this decision I made because I have been a part of a winning tradition in two stints with the team and I really don't have anything else to prove. Whoever takes over from me, I hope, will continue to steer the football team's offense forward because it is the Mitakihars way.
"I thanka Madoka, Takkun [Tatsuya Kaname], [former athletic director] Sayaka [Miki], [defensive coordinator] Kyouko [Sakura] and Mami [Tomoe] for their solidarity and compassion during my time as the offensive coordinator for this team. And I also want to thank the entire Mitakihara family for their support during the last two decades. I love you all."
A new search for the next offensive coordinator will take place immediately. In other news, Mami Tomoe, former defensive coordinator at LSU, will step down and return to Mitakihara as an assistant athletic director of marketing.

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