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"I can never come close to being as good as Madoka": Dr. Maru

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"I can never come close to being as good as Madoka": Dr. Maru

November 21, 2029

Weekly Report Posted: December 14, 2012 09:52 

Dr. Madoka Kyouno, the current president of Mitakihara University, has admitted to this one fact: she will never come close to the founder, Dr. Madoka Kaname, in terms of helping build and define a campus.
"I was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2013 and years later, got tabbed to succeed Dr. Kaname in running this university," said Dr. Kyouno, otherwise known informally on campus as Maru-sensei. "I will tell you, honestly, that I am never going to come close to equating what Dr. Kaname has accomplished.
"I have only been able to fulfill my ceremonial and administrative duties, while witnessing the construction of a new arena for the basketball and volleyball teams. Othewise, Dr. Kaname already laid the groundwork for the campus. Pretty much, the entire university has been constructed, with facilities on and off campus for every one of our teams, and our attendance is capped off to 50,000.
"Most of the student body come from overseas. Over 60 percent of students come from outside the United States and Canada. 25 percent of students come from Canada, while the rest are American students. Many of the overseas students do not partake in athletics. There are some who do, but most are here for the coursework.
"I have hosted roundtable discussions, attended national and internations conferences on four continents, made a number of speeches in Japan, and even visited the northern portion of Korea, which is rebounding from the pre-unification state it was under.
"I have to say that Dr. Kaname has made my job a little bit easier because I don't have to oversee a lot of expansion of the university. More money can be spent on research and equipment for our programs. We're coming up with new medicines and ways to alleviate cancer and HIV. We are coming close to finding a cure for these diseases because of the money that comes into research, rather than construction.
"Still, I owe my career to Dr. Kaname, because she personally groomed me to be who I am, as the current president of Mitakihara University. It's pretty big shoes to fill, but I am doing my part to fill them. I kind of like the dress she gave me during my installation ceremony, but it's a bit too fancy."

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