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"I've seen 300 player ejections on the other sideline": Kaname

"I've seen 300 player ejections on the other sideline": Kaname

March 20, 2030

Season Report Posted: December 16, 2012 14:18

Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname is a person that believe that character, professionalism, loyalty and commitment are important traits that every player who dons the colors of Madoka must have. But while his players have been, for the most-part, well-composed and never in a situation that they don't want to be in, Tatsuya has seen players on the other sideline lose their cool.
"I haven't been keeping a running count of how many were taken out by the striped maggots, but I think I have seen 300 player ejections, give or take, on the other side," Kaname said in an interview from our office.
"I remember one case in 2014, during a game against Mississippi State, one of the players on defense was tossed out of a game for a violent hit out of bounds on Austin Powers, and he ended up not only getting tossed, but got a one-game suspension. It ended up becoming six games after he threw his helmet at the ref.
"Another situation came in 2022, I think, in a game against Cal. Name Withheld was the quarterback at the time, and he gets hit on a helmet-to-helmet play late in the game. He got tossed, and literally broke down on the sidelines. Threw his helmet in the trashbin, and had to be consoled, tough love-style, by the assistants.
"You know, I actually like seeing opposing players break down like that. That's means we're doing our job, and that is to make the opponents suffer physically and mentally while at the same holding our end in being professional and sportsmanlike. To see our opponents be reduced to taking themselves out of the's a sign that it's business as usual.
"I look across the sidelines, and when I see an opposing player literally break down after he put themselves in that situation, I simply nod my head. I suppose after you've won so many titles, swagger and sadism seep in. And I got no problems with that."

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