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Jake McFadden transferring to Eastern Michigan

Jake McFadden transferring to Eastern Michigan

By William Huss
The Daily Magi
January 12, 2037

Redshirted freshman right end Jake McFadden will be transferring to Eastern Michigan, citing a lack of playing time. "I may regret it, but I feel my best move right now is to transfer schools," McFadden said at a face-to-face meeting with the coaching staff earlier this week.

"We are certain that Jake, who we felt would have been a major contributor to our chances this season, has made a dire mistake in electing to not continue with his education here at Mitakihara," said defensive line coach Kodaka Hasegawa. "So, we plan to schedule Eastern Michigan early in the season, preferably the first week if possible, to teach transferring student a lesson about loyalty."

The schedule for the 2037 Mitakihara Magi Football season will be announced later this year.

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