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John "Kyon" Smith hired as head coach of UBC Thunderbirds

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John "Kyon" Smith hired as head coach of UBC Thunderbirds

November 16, 2026

Weekly Report Posted: November 06, 2012 00:38 

Mitakihara Magi running backs coach John "Kyon" Smith was announced as the new head coach of the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds football team, according to staff reports. Smith was one of the original hires of current Magi head coach Tatsuya Kaname and was instrumental in development a sound ground game that gave the Magi a bevy of national and conference titles.
Smith will conclude his tenure at Madoka following the BCS National Championship game against an opponent to be determined and a national search will be underway shortly thereafter.
UBC fired head coach Jerome Erdman after a 2-6 record and a 28-84 record overall.
"Kyon brings a winning mentality to the University of British Columbia and we are confident that he will be the right man for the job," said Theresa Hanson, UBC Associate Director, Intercollegiate & High Performance Sport. "His work with the Mitakihara Magi has made football a relevant sport in the province and all of Canada."
"We are fortunate to have this services and we are confident that the resurgence of Thunderbird football will begin today."
"I want to say that Rome was not built in a day, but over time," Kyon said at a press conference at UBC. "We're not going to revive this sleeping giant overnight. We're gonna hard in the weight rooms, we're gonna recruit, and we're going to play with nothing to lose.
"This is a talented group of kids I have the honor of being with, and we will win a Vanier Cup as your head coach, I promise you that."
"It's sad to see Coach Kyon go like that but when other programs need your services, you have to simply reload and find someone to replace him," said Mitakihara Athletic Director Sayaka Miki at a press conference at Kaname Hall.
"Kyon is a good friend of mine, a very great person be with, and to be fair, he has nothing prove anymore as the running backs coach of my team," Kaname said. "I hope he is successful at UBC and leads them to untold riches."

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