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"Johnson was robbed," argues Danny Harada-Parker

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"Johnson was robbed," argues Danny Harada-Parker

By Irv Behich
The Daily Magi
December 17, 2041

Mitakihara Magi right tackle Danny Harada-Parker was livid after the College Football Awards Show, when he learned that Florida center Davin Armstrong won the 2041 Rimington Trophy over Mitakihara center David Johnson. And he had a right to be angry. Armstrong finished the season with only 18 pancakes while allowing three sacks. Johnson, on the other hands, had 108 pancakes, while allowing just one sacks.

Harada-Parker won the Outland Trophy as college football's best offensive lineman.

"It's a sham, really," Harada-Parker told ESPN. "The administration at Florida paid off the Boomer Esiason Foundation to get a trophy which was ours to begin with. You saw the stats on the broadcast. How can somebody with just 18 pancakes while allowing three sacks earn college football's top center?

"The credibility of the Boomer Esiason Foundation has to be called into question here. No disrespect to Davin, but we believe that he was gifted our Rimington. The good thing is that we're facing them in Pasadena, which we consider to be a second home because we love playing in the Rose Bowl.

"We'll let the Gators borrow our Rimington this year, but next year, we're taking it back. David, Chelis [Del Santo} and Justin [Cobbs] are all coming back next year so hopefully the process won't be tainted next season. I'm gonna say it to all you sportswriters freeloading out there: Florida was gifted our Rimington and we're going to make them pay for it on the seventh.

"This can't be forgiven."

"Personally, I'm not complaining because I have two more chances at winning it," Johnson said. "I'm not concerned about that trophy. I'm here to win a team honor, and that's the crystal football. I thought we were just good enough for the Rose Bowl, but it looks like we're getting an upgrade.

"To be the first university in college football history to win 30 national championships is something you can't take for granted. Everybody is motivated to get the job done and we will get the job done. Florida can have our Rimington. But they're not getting our Four Corners."

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