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Kazero Otonashi: athlete, artist and rock star

Kazero Otonashi: athlete, artist and rock star

By Sid Looney
The Daily Magi
September 8, 2038

Kazero Otonashi is the son of probation officer Yuzuru Otonashi and music teacher/therapist Kanade Tachibana. A star linebacker on Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi and a Music Theory major, Kazero is an effeminate, androgynous man who can do a number of things. He plays piano, plays bass guitar, is a painter, and is able to cosplay as a woman and act like a woman rather easily.

Outside linebacker Hazuki Hinata is a close friend of Kazero and a dorm roommate. Outside of football, Hazuki is a drummer and with Kazero, keyboardist/cornerback Chuck Orimura, guitarist/kicker Rinno Kousaka and saxophonist/guitarist/halfback Tsuji Ikari, they form the band Kazero Wingman, an indie band that plays JPop, alternative and disco, as well as covers. The band was founded in 2035 and have toured all of Vancover Island during the summer and offseason and have performed on the Lower Mainland as well.

"The reason why our band is called Kazero Wingman is because Kazero is the leader of the band," said Hazuki. "We call Kazero 'The Wingman' because he acts like one whenever we go to after-parties following our shows. He doesn't play favorites when it comes to finding partners. He's so effeminate in his actions, it's like our frontman is a she. On the field, he's as manly as men get, but off it, he's a woman in a man's body. The ugly girls like to be part of his one-night harem, but he still doesn't drink spirits or anything like that.

"Kazero knows how to approach women the correct way and taught us first-timers a lot about how to treat women right. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have fiancees in our freshman year. He's very sociable, and is very knowledgeable in the ways of modern hipster society. If there is one person you can trust to find great, effective advice, it's from Kazero. He's a true gentleman blessed with all the charm of a girl-next-door."

Kazero Otonashi (right) is the androgynous son of Kanade Tachibana (left), the mascot for the band Kazero Wingman.

"I like performing music with my friends if I don't have football or classes to take care of," said Kazero in an interview at Madoka Garden. "One of the things about me is that I'm a mama's boy. Inside the tea house of this garden, I spend a hour every Wednesday meditating. I sit myself in the wariza position, and as I close my eyes, I am talking to my mother, who lives in a different part of the city, and through telekinesis, we talk about school and difficult things regarding practice or last week's game or my band and the music I play.

"My mom's so important to me and my friends that she is our mascot, like Ed the Head was the mascot for Iron Maiden in their heyday. On occasions, she cooks us some of the best mapo tofu you can't find anywhere else on the island. I've been able to replicate her recipe, but I can't do it as well as my mom, and whenever I get to eat mom's home cooking, I feel like the clock's been turned back.

"Mom always tells me that I look more like her rather than like Dad. I used to have the same hair color, and then, at the age of 10, my hair started to have highlights of my dad's hair. It's unusual, but because I have more of my mom's personality than my dad's, I tend to crossdress more often and act like a girl off the field. In terms of my love life, I'm engaged to Hideki's sister Kana, who is on the volleyball team. We're gonna be married next April at the Madokathedral."

Kazero Wingman's debut album is called "Here" and is released by indie rock label M-Town Records. "'Here' is a collection of original pieces and covers that we recorded in the offseason at the Kajiura College of the Arts recording studio," said Kazero. "The original numbers are penned by all of us, and the cover is a painting of my mother portrayed as an angel. The Mitakihara Glee Club cameos in this album as backup singers."

"Here" is available on iTunes for $9.99 CAN.

1. Where You Are
2. City Lights
3. Your Face
4. This Is The Daybreak
5. Stolen
6. A Romantic Sick Joke
7. Reach
8. Too Near, Too Late, Can't Wait
9. Nighthawk
10. For The Unsung
11. Do You Think I'm Sexy
12. MacArthur Park
13. Two Princes
14. With Or Without You
15. Let's Go (Wingman Disco Remix)
16. Disco Inferno
17. Promise
18. Young Turks
19. Wire
20. I Will Follow

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