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Kevin Hall leaving Mitakihara

Kevin Hall leaving Mitakihara

January 15, 2031

Season Report Posted: December 23, 2012 15:44

New rules were put into play starting with the 2030-31 college sports season at Mitakihara University, the most noteworthy being that a player that elects to transfer cannot be kicked off a team formally.
Taking advantage of the rule, left guard Kevin Hall will be continuing his playing career at Western Michigan University. "You've taught me to always go with my heart.,..and my heart says to move on," Hall told head coach Tatsuya Kaname and offensive line coach Daru Hashida in an exit interview conducted on Tuesday.
"It's unfortunate that things did not work out with Kevin because we felt he had a future playing for the Magi," said Kaname at a press conference. "I don't think winning a national championship in his freshman year was compelling enough for Kevin.
"However, he now will play for a team that will be lucky to contend for a conference title, let alone a national championship, so while we say our goodbyes to him, this team will continue to carry on without him."
"We want players to commit the time and effort to bettering themselves as players and as men of character, and we are personally disappointed in his decision, but it is what it is," said a terse Hashida. "We will continue to stay the course next season, but it will not get any easier.."
The 2031 schedule for the Magi football team will be finalized in the coming months.

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