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Leeroy Jenkins uber alles at Mitakihara Stadium

Leeroy Jenkins uber alles at Mitakihara Stadium

By Steve Hendricks
The Daily Magi
August 29, 2037

New faces, same old Mitakihara Magi led by veteran coach Tatsuya Kaname. The 2037 college football season began in earnest for the best team in college football for the past quarter-century in the form of a 167-66 rout of the Florida Gators at Mitakihara Stadium.

Rainstorm? What rainstorm? That's just the points coming down like cats and dogs amidst the Pacific storm system ravaging Vancouver Island. And amidst the precipitation of water and points, new faces have emerged to replace those who have been lost to graduation.

One of those new faces: quarterback Leeroy Jenkins. Yes, that is his real name, and he is the son of Lady Louise Windsor and Australian rules footballer Shea Jenkins, both Mitakihara University graduates. Jenkins passed for 501 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 340 yards and four more scores.

Another new face, halfback Tsuji Ikari, rushed for 194 yards and five touchdowns. Yet another new face, wide receiver Kenji Sugisaki, caught eight passes for 271 yards and a touchdown. Fellow wideout Andrew Blount led the pass blockers with 22 pancakes. 

The new leader on defense is middle linebacker Kazero Otonashi, who led the defense in tackles with 16. However, freshman defensive tackle Ma Ling Lee, the son of Lingyin Huang and former Magi player Seongnam Lee, led the pass rush with 8.5 sacks. Defensive tackle Nathan Cox added five sacks on the night.

Mitakihara improve to 1-0 and continue their season against the Eastern Michigan Eagles. All of the matches this regular season are at Mitakihara Stadium due to university efforts to save on travel costs.

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