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Little, Huff instrospective on Magi careers

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Little, Huff instrospective on Magi careers
November 6, 2035
Weekly Report Posted: January 26, 2013 02:13 

Halfback Jerrell Little and right end Justin Huff are the co-captains of the 2035 Mitakihara Magi football team. Little majors in speech therapy and Huff majors in physics, and both are scheduled to graduate by the end of the semester.

"I am going to miss a lot about this university," said Little, who could be going to the Carolina Panthers in next year's NFL Draft. "Great professors, great classmates, a gorgeous woman for a founder who is also a goddess, awesome training facilities and an environment that makes you think of heaven.

"The best part about this whole experience is that there are no witches to destroy the experiences together. I heard that all the witches were eradicated ever since the university was founded. And our university has the largest enrollment in all of Canada. So this is a pretty big school.

"I feel like I have been privileged to have been part of the first 25 years of this school. I will remember this experience for as long as I live."

"I think being part of the Mitakihara Family is being part of one of the best network of friends, scholars, academics and professionals all in one," Huff said of his time at Madoka. "People do care about you, how you do, how you will put the skills you learn here to work in the real's just like the motto says, You Are Not Alone.

"I have people who share the same wishes and ambitions. I am now part of a network of students that are dedicated to the sciences and medical research. I want to use my degree to create new technologies that defy gravity in their own right, spontaneously. Floating objects are the in thing that's being developed here at this university. I was able to develop a floating cup and saucer set. It's now popular and purchased all over the province.

"To all future prospective students that want to come here, joining a student organization is a must. Get active and let your voice be heard. Getting active at this university is a great way to prove your worth at Mitakihara University. It's a place where you get more out of your education if you choose to invest more time in the whole package."

Little and Huff will be playing in the Magia Day 2035 game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Nov. 10 at Mitakihara Stadium. The game is a sellout.

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