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Magia Day 2029 a time to reflect for Means, Gates

Magia Day 2029 a time to reflect for Means, Gates

November 9, 2029

Weekly Report Posted: December 14, 2012 02:43

The 19th edition of Mitakihara University's Magia Day will be a difficult moment to swallow for the 16 seniors on Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi football team, especially for team captains Patrick Means and Jermaine Gates. Means is a physiology major, while Gates is majoring in sociology. Both have aspirations for a long career in the NFL or CFL.

"I will definitely miss my time being a part of the Magi," said Means in an interview at Madoka Garden. "I always told myself that I could be a true leader if I played for Coach Tatsuya, and I took advantage of my opportunity to be a leader and a hero.

"I worked real hard to have a long and storied career without a single defeat, and I am two victories away from accomplishing this for all of our seniors. I am at my own personal crossroads and to make it this far just gets me fired up."

"You would be crazy if you thought that I wasn't excited for the last few days of my career as a football player for the best university on the continent," said Gates in an interview at Magia Quad. "The many hours I sacrificed for this team are many, and I have been rewarded. Our team has been rewarded for the hard work and determination we put in every time we are on that field.

"Winning big games and learning lessons from winning big games and national championships is a cornerstone of the Mitakihara football experience. It helps us learn who we are as players, and as men. We take pride in fighting for the colors and the jersey we wear. Blood, sweat, tears...we do whatever it takes to make ourselves and the Mitakihara Family proud.

"Now, in this final home game at the Stadium, everything will come full circle."

Magia Day 2029 is also a chance to honor the sprint football team, who have gone unbeaten once again to win the 2029 CSFL championship. It is a historic three-peat for head coach Chris Timmons.

9/6 vs. Army W 7-0
9/13 at Navy W 14-0
9/20 vs. C.W. Post W 21-0
9/27 at Coppin State W 28-0
10/4 vs. Cornell W 35-0
10/11 at Penn W 42-0
10/18 vs. Mansfield W 49-0
10/25 at Princeton W 56-0
11/1 vs Franklin Pierce W 63-0
11/8 at SUNY Maritime W 70-0

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