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Magi's Isshiki a true fan of sprint football

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Magi's Isshiki a true fan of sprint football

August 31, 2027

Weekly Report Posted: November 15, 2012 02:26

Akane Isshiki is a member of the Mitakihara University Class of 2027. Married to fellow graduate Rei Kuroki, Isshiki is the graduate assistant for the Mitakihara Magi Sprint Football Team, who will open their season on the road this week against the Army Black Knights.

"Our sprint football team is very talented and skilled," said Isshiki, whose job is to ensure that the players are on track to graduate. "We have students who have never played the game before, who are undersized but want to play a sport that they are only good at on the console.

"We had over 120 prospective students sign up in the spring, and after a rigorous training camp, we reduced our roster to 70. We have players from all the provinces and several U.S. states. We made their go through a proper fitness examination and diet plan to ensure that their weight stays at 175 or below. If it isn't, they will not be allowed to play.

"For undersized players, these are athletes. They are fast, they are strong, they can pass the ball, catch the ball, tackle, run with the ball and are pretty much a miniature version of our football team."

As for Isshiki, it was her way of continuing her services to the university.

"I graduated from the university with a degree in engineering but I wanted to continue working here, so I decided to become a graduate assistant," Isshiki said. "The pay is decent and allows me to pay my bills at home as well as the groceries, but not much after that."

"I really motivate a lot of the players on the team, but it's my wife Rei that keeps my feet on the ground. She is a fan of the sprint football team and the football team and occasionally comes to the game."

"We only play eight games for the entire season, four at Hakurei Centre and four on the road. Our first four games will be on the road and then we will finish with games at home."

The schedule for the Magi Sprint Football Team is as follows:

9/2 at Army
9/9 at Navy
9/16 at C.W. Post
9/23 at Cornell
9/30 vs. Penn
10/7 vs. Mansfield
10/14 vs. Princeton
10/21 vs. Franklin Pierce

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