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Mark and Nell Evans moving on to Mitakihara Town Sports Club

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Mark and Nell Evans moving on to Mitakihara Town Sports Club

October 22, 2029

Weekly Report Posted: December 13, 2012 01:50 

At the conclusion of the 2029 college soccer season, Mitakihara Magi men's soccer coach Mark Evans and Mitakihara Puella Magi women's soccer coach Nell Evans will step down from their head coaching positions to become the respective managers of the men's and women's soccer teams of Mitakihara Town Sports Club, nicknamed the Sakuras, which will debut in the Canadian Soccer League and W-League in 2030. The men's team will also have their first chance at qualifying for the CONCACAF Champions' League next year in the expanded Nutrilite Canadian Championship.

Mitakihara Town Sports Club is a new sports club that is owned by a consortium of 100 former Mitakihara University graduates. Membership to this club is open to the public, however, the teams are professional. MTSC has teams in:

Soccer (men, women)
Rowing (men, women)
Basketball (men, women)
Volleyball (men, women)
Sand Volleyball (men, women)
Futsal (men, women)
Handball (men, women)
American Football
Canadian Football
Beach Soccer (men, women)
MMA (men, women)
Curling (men, women)

The American Football team competes in the United Football League, while the Canadian Football team competes in the Canadian Junior Football League. However, MTSC's flagship team is its soccer teams. A new stadium, Sakura Bowl Stadium or Stade Sakura in French, is expected to conclude construction in June 2030. The entire eastern wall of Sakura Bowl Stadium will be a gigantic Big Screen High Definition Video Board, what will be tied for the world's largest in 2030. To place in relative terms of size, Cowboys Stadiums's big screen is 160' x 72' or a 2,105" screen. Mitakihara Town's new stadium's screen will measure 120 Meters x 7.5 m (393'8" x 24'7") or a 4,734" screen. The picture clarity will also be superior by 3x, The pixel resolution of the screen in Cowboy Stadium is 1 pixel per 20mm, The Stade Sakura screen will be 1 pixel per 6mm. The screen is engineered by the German lighting corporation Osram.

[Image: sakurastadium.jpg]

The Sakura Bowl, which had been held in Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium the past six years, will now be moved to Sakura Bowl Stadium and will be the permanent home of the first home game of each season for the Magi. The stadium will host matches involving the men's and women's soccer teams and both gridiron football teams. It is the centerpiece of Sakura Sports City, a large 25,000-hectare complex that houses the facilities for all the sports teams under MTSC, including one of the largest sports research institutes in all of Canada.

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