Saturday, April 20, 2013

Massive fourth quarter from Magi key in 87-36 win over Indiana

Massive fourth quarter from Magi key in 87-36 win over Indiana

Down 23-17 at halftime, Mitakihara Magi head coach Tatsuya Kaname elected to make a switch. "I was very, very unhappy with the performance of the second string in the first half against an Indiana team that came out ready to play tonight," Kaname said after the Magi's 87-36 smothering of the Hoosiers at Mitakihara Stadium. "I decided to go ahead and start the first string and they delivered in the second half.
"Our players need to be able to deliver. Our backups failed to do so and we were left with no choice but to field our strongest side possible."
Key to the result was Mitakihara's performance in the fourth quarter. 41 unanswered points sinked the Hoosiers' bid for what could have been a historic, monumental upset.
"Everybody knows that we have a streak to defend," said halfback Barrett Grant, who ran for 82 yards and a score while catching six passes for 81 yards and another score. "Once we were down by a touchdown, the second string knew they would be replaced by the starters.
"Even our own fans were booing us, because they know that trailing at halftime is something we just can't get away with. So we had to leave them in the dust late, and that's what we did."
Quarterback Brian Brown passes for 302 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. Cornerbacks Nick Harrison and Park Jai-Young made 11 tackled on defense, while middle linebacker Roman Kollar and free safety Trey Pittman added 10 more tackles.
The schedule will now kick up a notch, with games against storied powers like Alabama, Penn State, Notre Dame, and next week's opponent, the formidable Miami Hurricanes.

Box Score 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Indiana  20  3  13  0  36
Mitakihara  3  14  29  41  87

Players of the Game


Barrett Grant , HB
13 Car, 82 Yds, TD, 6 Rec, 81 Yds, TD

Marcus Mullins , QB
56-85, 721 Yds, 15 Car, 4 TD

Game Statistics
Category Indiana Mitakihara
First Downs 36 34
Total Offense 833 868
Rushes-YDS 44-112 93-489
Passing YDS 721 379
Turnovers 9 6
Total Yards 845 926
T.O.P. 24:30 49:57

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