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Meet Frau Koujiro, the new Mitakihara Athletic Director

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Meet Frau Koujiro, the new Mitakihara Athletic Director

August 30, 2028

Weekly Report Posted: November 22, 2012 23:56 

Frau Koujiro was hired by Mitakihara University as the school's second athletic director on March 1, 2028. Koujiro is a proud graduate of Mitakihara and is the youngest athletic director in all of collegiate athletics. For someone so young, she is able to handle the rigors of a professional life with ease. Mitakihara University Board of Trustee member Kanna Tanigawa spoke with Frau about her history and her plans for the school's athletics program.

KANNA: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

FRAU: I was born Kona Furugoori in Tokyo, Japan, but I changed my name when I was younger so that I could be a bit more employable in the future. I speak Japanese, English, French and German. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from Mitakihara University, which I earned in 2024 and a Master's Degree in Sport Management, which I earned in 2026. I starred on the field hockey team and won national titles all four season I was on the team. I averaged four goals a game and was named captain in my senior year. I finished my baccalaureate with a 4.00 GPA and magna cum laude honors.

KANNA: When did you first go into working with the Mitakihara Athletics Department?

FRAU: I saw a job opening for an administrative assistant position after I had graduated, and I applied and got the position. Within a year, I was directing a lot of administrative work for the department, and they were so impressed with my work that I became an Associate Athletic Director for Marketing in 2027.

KANNA: How did you get the position?

FRAU: Originally, Sayaka Miki, who is the outgoing AD, wanted to give the position to Akiko Himenokouji, who had more years of experience than I did, but she was on her way to Kwansei Gakuin to assume a similar post of capacity there, so she was left with me because no one else wanted the position.

KANNA: Must be a lot of pressure on you.

FRAU: It is, but the reason why I am ready is because the Sport Management Program at Mitakihara allows students to become interns at different universities and professional sports organizations throughout Canada and the United States, and luckily, my internship was here at this university, so I didn't have to travel much. Through my internship, I was exposed to the workload that people have to go through to process players, to ensure they are compliant, to ensure that the coaches and boosters adhere to the NCAA Charter...there is a lot of red tape and I had the pleasure of networking with Ritsuko Akizuki, our compliance officer, so she could give me a crash course in the compliance dynamics of the process.

KANNA: What are your plans for Mitakihara Athletics?

FRAU: We've reached a point in the history of our athletics program in which we've hit a plateau. We have plans to create one new sport, which is now an NCAA-sanctioned sport, and that is sand volleyball. A new, $50-million training centre for the Canadian men's and women's national beach volleyball teams is being constructed as of July and will be ready by January of 2030, just in time for the start of the 2030 sand volleyball season. This will not only be the training headquarters of the men's and women's national beach volleyball teams, but also the home of the university's men's and women's sand volleyball teams. The centre will have a capacity of 15,000.

Finally, starting the 2029-30 season, the university will have men's and women's handball teams. Handball is now an NCAA-sanctioned sport and has been since 2025, but we have yet to have our own team. That will change and an international search for our coaching staff is underway.

KANNA: Any final thoughts on being the new athletic director?

FRAU: It has been a desire of mine's to continue and foster the success I had as a part of Mitakihara Athletics. Now that I am in administrative capacity, I am an advocate for steady but progressive growth. Our teams continue to win conference and national championships, and with my guidance, we will continue to achieve our goal as a premier university for student-athletes from around the world.

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