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"Meetings are never boring when Priss is in the room": Akemi

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"Meetings are never boring when Priss is in the room": Akemi

By Steve Randall
The Daily Magi
November 7, 2036

Priss Asagiri is a singer-songwriter and musician that has been a member of the Mitakihara University Board of Trustees since 2030. An accomplished frontwoman, Asagiri nowadays plies her trade as a record producer, working with numberous local and international bands at Crisis Studios, located on her estate in the outskirts of the city facing Nanaimo. As an experienced record producer, she has been the main judge of the Battle of the Bands since 2030 and has produced demo tapes for the winners and runners-up of the 2030 edition onward.

"I think the BC music scene has the potential to be the nerve center of the power pop universe," Asagiri said from her office at Crisis Studios. "I've worked with many local bands and singers in the area, and also my studio is used by international groups. One Direction, who have since disbanded, recorded their reunion album here at my studio.

"Most of the groups that I work with are girl bands. I sometimes coach them in how to draw out their ability and potential as I produce their albums and demo tapes. A majority of the groups that pass by Crisis end up signing with a national and/or international label, so I guess this means I am doing something right."

University President, Homura Akemi, pulled no punches when talking about Priss.

"Board of Trustees are never boring and dull when Priss is in the room," Akemi said. "That is a fact. She's very outspoken and believes in our mission in helping create the leaders of tomorrow. She knows what's working, what isn't working, and what avenues of growth can be found at Mitakihara University.

"For someone that used to fight crime and perform on a full-time basis, she's someone that's seen it all and done it all. You need someone with as thick a skin and as bubbly a personality as Priss to really help steer this campus in the right direction.

"Sometimes she can disagree with a few others over what works and what doesn't, but it does encourage discussion and makes every meeting interesting. Sometimes she can slip in a curse word or two when things get really lean, but let's face it: Canada's got some feisty, tough-talking, in-your-face people too, and Priss, who holds dual citizenship, is no exception.

"Whenever it's homecoming week, Priss's eyes light up because she knows she's going to have to oversee the Battle of the Bands. She's like who Simon Cowell was decades ago: a producer that has high expectations and dismisses people who she perceives have no talent worthy of a contract.

"Priss has got a good eye for talent, and that's why her studio is busy every day, with groups reserving weeks in advance. Even though she doesn't perform as much, she keeps herself occupied.

"Again, no one knows how to tap into the local music scene better than Priss Asagiri. Make no mistake: she adds a hell of a lot of credibility to our Board."

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