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Mitakihara app still the hottest app in Canada

Mitakihara app still the hottest app in Canada

October 11, 2027

Weekly Report Posted: November 16, 2012 11:29 

The Mitakihara Athletics app for iPhone, iPad and Android was released in August 2011 and ever since its debut, it became one of the best-selling apps. For more than a decade and a half, fans of Magi and Puella Magi sports can download the app for $4.99 CAN and get real-time scores, headlines, streaming audio of all Magi and Puella Magi home games and streaming video highlights from Madoka TV, the official TV network of the university.

"Our Mitakihara Athletics app is downloaded by fans from all over Canada, the USA and the world," said assistant athletic director Akiko Himenokouji. "Now anyone with a mobile device can keep track of scores and reaction and even post their thoughts on the match via social media.

"Subscribers can pay an extra $19.99 CAN to view live video of home contests of all home games except for men's basketball, men's ice hockey and football. To get the complete package per year, which includes video and audio on demand, it will cost $29.99 CAN. Members of the Mitakihara Alumni Association can purchase these packages at half-price."

Students get the app for free as part of their tuition costs for their first semester but must repurchase following graduation or departure from the university unrelated to graduation (transfer, expulsion, etc.) Those who leave the university due to non-graduation related reasons will need to pay the full price for the app.

"I think it's a wonderful concept," said university president Dr. Madoka "Maru" Kyouno. "When I go on trips outside the university, I always tune into the Mitakiharapp, as I like to call it, to get caught up on all the coverage from M-Town."

From the Premier of British Columbia, to the Prime Minister of Canada, to His Majesty, King William V of the United Kingdom..monarchs, top business executives, heads of state and socialites alike are downloading the Mitakiharapp with gusto and passion alongside the common folk. It's no surprise that this is truly the hottest app in all of Canada.

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