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Mitakihara football gets shafted again by polls

Mitakihara football gets shafted again by polls

December 20, 2027

Weekly Report Posted: November 21, 2012 03:05 

Kirari Tsukisato, a freshman astronomy major from Osaka, is the captain of the Mitakihara Magi cheer team. When she received news that the Magi were ranked second in the final BCS, USA Today and AP polls, she was confused...and angry.

"That just doesn't make sense," said Tsukisato, who is already married to another freshman on the cheer team, Kakeru Todoroki, a spright engineering major from Tokyo. "We have been ranked at the top of the polls for the past several months, and we should have come into this final game of the season as the top team in the land.

"Instead, I get news that this team called the Ohio Bobcats is ranked higher than us and is the No. 1 team in the polls. We got moved down to second. And I'm like, WTF? We have a much stronger schedule, we take on better opponents, and the pollsters decided we weren't good enough.

"I feel that all these pollsters that make these lists get egg on their faces and we crush Ohio with authority. I don't even care about that school. What are they, a community college posing as a university? The only Ohio school I know that is a true university is Ohio State.

"That's it. Just Ohio State. Everyone else is a community college with juniors and seniors who aren't good enough for Ohio State. We are so going to skin these Bobcats. I can't wait for Jan. 7."

"The decision by the voters to move us down was definitely a strange one," said offensive coordinator Homura Akemi. "Our boys know that these rankings are meaningless. But it's going to motivate us, I can tell you that much.

"If there is one place in America that I really don't want to be in right now, it's Austin. They're hopping made that it's us vs. Ohio, and the Texas Longhorns aren't invited. To be honest, I wanted us to face Texas, not Ohio, but I suppose a lighter opponent is something we can handle in a few weeks.

"We will be ready, as usual."

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