Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mitakihara qualify for the BCS National Championship

Mitakihara qualify for the BCS National Championship

They're back, and it's no surprise. Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi made it clear that the National Championship goes through M-Town, and M-Town only, as the football team pickpocketed their way past the Brigham Young Cougars 145-42 on Magia Day 2036 at Mitakihara Stadium.

Akiyuki Kaname passed for 629 yards and seven touchdowns while rushing for 68 yards and a major. Halfback Rio Onjouji rushed for 294 yards and four scores. Wide receiver Wendell Novak rushed for 224 yards and three touchdowns while fullback Gale Miketsukami rushed for 145 yards and two majors.

Wide receiver John Brown caught six passes for 214 yards, Onjouji caught five passes for 125 yards and Novak caught five passes for 138 yards. All three receivers had two receiving touchdowns each. Also catching a pass for a score was wideout Dominique Tyler.

Brown and left tackle A.J. Smith had 30 pancakes each to lead the blockers.

Middle linebacker Shaun Kirigaya may have all but sealed up his case for the Bednarik after recording 15 tackles and two sacks. Defensive tackle Dedrick Upshaw led the pass rush with seven sacks.

The Magi improve to 12-0 and will await their opponent, which will be announced in four weeks' time.

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