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Mitakihara "ready to be road warriors": Yoichi

Mitakihara "ready to be road warriors": Yoichi

By Al Shuey
The Daily Magi
October 3, 2041

As Mitakihara University celebrates its 31st anniversary, the football team is quietly preparing for the first of three straight road games. The team arrived in Boise this afternoon, had a light practice, and held a team meeting before retiring to their rooms at Oxford Suites.

"We get to go on the road for three straight games in October," said senior wide receiver Kunihiko Yoichi, the son of former Madoka alum Tamao Kurei, to reporters from the Idaho Statesman. "In past years, our road trips took place in the middle of September, but now that we play conference football again, our road trips take place much later in the season.

"Anyway, we're ready to be road warriors in October. I asked my buddy Mako [WR Makoto Yasaka], are you excited to head down to Boise and he said he sure was. We know that Boise State used to be a pretty good team a few decades back, but now they've slid a little and are just an average college football team playing in the Mountain West.

"We're not going to sell Boise short, though. Even though they are 3-2, they are always a tough team to face and we are going to take them very seriously. We've always wanted to face the Broncos on their turf, and we are going to get the job done."

Yoichi is fully aware that the coaches aren't giving Madoka the love this time around (although the media are still keeping the faith), but he argues that works to the advantage of the Magi.

"It's nice to have a little pressure off your shoulder," Yoichi said. "If you ask me, I'd rather see Iowa and Middle Tennessee State battle for the national championship this time. Let's end 16 weeks in the No. 3 ranking and have a change of pace for once. Then again, if we keep on winning, it might be too much to ask, so you never know."

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