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Mitakihara ready to host first of four major international sporting events

Mitakihara ready to host first of four major international sporting events

March 25, 2030

Season Report Posted: December 16, 2012 16:23

Mitakihara Town is known for its university's sports teams, but it will also have the distinction of hosting four unique international sporting events within the span of four years. This year, the city will host the 6th Youth Olympic Games from July 1-16. In 2032, M-Town will host the 6th Winter Youth Olympic Games from January 4-20. And in 2033, the Games of the 37th Summer Universiade and 36th Winter Universiade will be held.
Two separate committees: MOCOG (Mitakihara Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games) and MOCU (Mitakihara Organizing Committee for the Universiades), have been active since 2024 with the preparation of these four events. Combined with the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of Mitakihara University, this decade is sure to be a historic one in terms of sport in Mitakihara Town.
"Support from the local, provincial and national governments has been tremendous, as has been the support from the community," said Mitakihara Town mayor Mashiro Shiina. "A lot of money has been pumped to host these events, and the venues will be concentrated in Mount Washington, Mitakihara Sports City and Mitakihara University.
"These are exciting times here in M-Town, and we can't wait to see all these visitors and athletes of the world come to our city to partake in these festivities."
The hullaballoo and hoopla won't affect the Mitakihara teams one bit, especially not the football team.
"Well, for starters, we don't have a team yet, especially since all our players from last year's team left," head coach Tatsuya Kaname said. "But we will take it all in stride, these events that are going on.
"It's nice for this city to hold all these international sporting events for youth and for university students. It really gets your motor running."

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