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"Mom still dotes on me": Kirigaya

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Mitakihara University Provost Asuna Yuuki, the mother of Mitakihara Magi MLB Shaun Kirigaya.

"Mom still dotes on me": Kirigaya
October 22, 2035
Weekly Report Posted: January 25, 2013 07:34

"Sometimes I consider myself as a bit of a spoiled brat, but I downplay such assumptions."

That is the opinion of middle linebacker and two-time Chuck Bednarik Award-winner Shunsuke "Shaun" Kirigaya after practice at Hakurei Centre. Kirigaya is the Magi's leading tackler with 204 tackles and has 16 sacks to his credit. Not only is he skilled at stopping the run, but Kirigaya is adept as a pass rusher.

Part of that comes from the coaching he gets from his father, linebackers coach Kazuto Kirigaya. And a bigger part of that comes from the current Mitakihara University Provost, Asuna Yuuki. Asuna is Shaun's loving mother and No. 1 fan.

"Whenever she gets off from work, she brings me lunch or dinner in bento boxes," Kirigaya admitted. "Mom's home cooking is so awesome. She knows how to make phaal, which is a curry that is flavorful but can taste like charcoal for the uninitiated. Mostly what Mom cooks is adapted versions of haute cuisine made to fit in a box.

"I love the ingredients Mom makes in the meals she cooks up for me. She uses local ingredients found here in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, as well as imported products from Japan, where my parents come from.

"On a few occasions, she does wander off to the New York Fries on campus to buy me an extra-big bucket of the Butter Chicken Poutine that I have been hooked on since I was 12. I only do that if I grab at least 20 tackles in a home game. The only problem with that is that I tend to do that often.

"I mean, every time I head on to the pitch, three words are in my head. NEW YORK FRIES. NEW YORK FRIES. NEW YORK FRIES. And I deliver, and I get a nice helping of poutine. And every time we win the national title, she gives me five buckets of poutine when I return to Mitakihara Town.

"I'm a pretty big eater, and poutine is part on my DNA. But I don't need to live off of my addition. So usually, I opt for a balanced diet. Lately, I've been able to cook my own meals and my usual breakfast, lunch and dinner always includes a Greek salad with extra olives and feta.

"But I'm always on the lookout for my Mom, who works just as hard as I do for the university we and my dad are part of. I know she's going to give me something good, and I make sure I do what I can to get my reward.

"To me, there is no shame in being a mama's boy. By the way, I have a fiancee that I treat every now and then after classes and practice. But anyway, when you have a mom who still looks young and supple as ever and is still drop-dead gorgeous...these things tend to grow on you."

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