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Motivated and driven, Yui and Yukino are all in for the Magi

Motivated and driven, Yui and Yukino are all in for the Magi

By Early Mackinac
The Daily Magi
November 19, 2041

Mitakihara Magi free safety Karuta Kanda and cornerback Gene Mitaka, both freshman, draw their strength from their wives. For Kanda, it's Yui Yuigahama. For Mitaka, it's Yukino Yukinoshita. Mitaka is the top contender for the Jim Thorpe Award, while Kanda has a good chance to win the Mosi Tatupu Award as the best returner in the country. Both Yuigahama and Yukinoshita are freshmen on the women's tennis team and are passionate about their respective husbands.

[Image: yuisupportskaruta.jpg]

"Karuta-kun is amazing," said Yuigahama after practice at Court 1 of the Tomoyo Sakagami Tennis Centre. "I love the way he likes to spoil me and help me out with chores at our off-campus apartment near the Square. He's a pretty good cook and while I do the baking, he does just about the rest.

"I first met Karuta-kun the very first week of freshman year. A week after we settled into our apartment, I decided that we should be a couple so that I can get more done. I'm majoring in food science, while Karuta-kun is majoring in Fine Arts because he also like to paint and sculpt. The times I spend with Karuta-kun are the moments I treasure because for most of the day, he's practicing with the team. The only times I really get to be with him are during the offseason.

"If there is one person that I adore in this world, it's Karuta-kun. He brings so much joy to my life; I want us to seriously think about raising a family after we graduate. We're going to officially be a couple in January."

[Image: yukinosupportsgene.jpg]

"Gene's a really cool guy, almost a male version of me," Yukinoshita said of Mitaka. "Handsome, really affectionate, honest with his intentions, and he's the type of guy that want the rest of his mates to be accountable for what they do.

"Gene and me are business majors and our apartment room is right next to Karuta's and Yui's. When it comes to talking with him, he's straight, to the point, blunt and calculating. He can anticipate what's on your mind, what's wrong and all that. After the first week we were together, I decided that we should be a couple. After we head to Vegas in January to finally tie the knot, I want him to do a lot of the house work.

"Gene's always told me that he wanted to be a husband ever since I became his lover. I don't want to rush into these types of things, but somewhere down the road, I really do want us to begin that next chapter in our lives."

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