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New album for Marching Ultimates coming out!

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New album for Marching Ultimates coming out!

October 16, 2028

Weekly Report Posted: November 30, 2012 04:26

The next album from the Mitakihara University Marching Ultimates is entitled House Call. A funk-flavored album, House Call featured the band's official theme, the Satchel Grande classic "Put Up A Fuss."

"This is another of those laid-back albums that epitomizes the smooth, clean, upbeat sound of the Ultimates," said Thane Haiek-Ostrowski, a senior drum major from Brampton, Ontario. "We chose 'Put Up A Fuss' as our theme because it exemplifies the feel-good, no-nonsense mentality that is a key trait to the performers of this band. We elected to record that track with the Mitakihara Glee Club to add a little Red Army Chorus/North Korea feeling. A peculiar, almost hipsterlike juxtaposition.

"Also, the front of this album includes the official logo of the band: featuring an influential pair that helped develop this university: football team offensive coordinator Homura Akemi and our founder, Dr. Madoka Kaname. This is also the logo of the Ultimate Pep Band."
House Call is available on iTunes for $19.99 CAN.

1. Put Up A Fuss (feat. Mitakihara Glee Club)
2. Pick Up The Pieces
3. Say Hey
4. Transition Haircut
5. AM Gold
6. Cold War
7. House Of Fun
8. Check Mate
9. Working Title
10. We Used To Be Friends
11. I'd Rather Be With You
12. Internal Stereo
13. Juice Box
14. Pedro's Last Stand
15. Right On Time
16. Shake It Like It's Overload
17. Mary Jane
18. Thw Lowdown
19. Hand, Foot and Mouth
20. This Summer Is Over
Bonus Track: We Used To Be Friends

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