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New album for Marching Ultimates coming out!

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New album for Marching Ultimates coming out!
October 31, 2035
Weekly Report Posted: January 25, 2013 19:58

The next album from the Mitakihara University Marching Ultimates has been released, entitled "#2DEEP4U". Dr. Kyousuke Kamijou, Mitakihara University Director of Bands, was excited about the most recent release of music from the school's award-winning drum and bugle corps, which had won the 2035 DCI World Championship, it's 10th straight title and 13th in band history, this past August.

"Our students appreciate the concept of surrealism," Dr. Kamijou said. "The surrealism of being in a university composed of 90 percent hipsters and 10 percent bohemians. The surrealism of being in a country that will soon see its neighbor to the south and neighbor across the Pacific join the Commonwealth of Nations. The surrealism of being in a country still struggling with war and political infighting in a number of forgotten corners of the world. This can be #2DEEP4U.

"This is our salute to surrealism: a compilation of our favorite movie themes. I hope our fans enjoy it. We have also played a few of these numbers at the DCI World Championships this past August."

#2DEEP4U is out on iTunes for $19.99 CAN.

1. Lux Aeterna
2. Adagio for Strings
3. Now We Are Free
4. Theme from Last of the Mohicans
5. Also Sprach Zarathustra
6. The Road Goes Ever On'
7. Hello Zepp
8. In A House, In a Heartbeat
9. Klendathu Drop
10. Theme from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
11. My Heart Will Go On
12. La Vita E Bella
13. Take A Look Around
14. Unchained Melody
15. The Winner Is
16. Ghostbusters
17. I'm Shipping Up To Boston
18. A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics
19. Vide Cor Meum
20. Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, II. Allegretto
Bonus Track: Zoo York

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