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New alternate cheer uniform debuts on Homecoming Week

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New alternate cheer uniform debuts on Homecoming Week

September 6, 2027

Weekly Report Posted: November 15, 2012 08:42 

A new cheer uniform, designed by Mitakihara Magi Sprint Football graduate assistant Akane Isshiki, will debut on Homecoming Week against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

"I thought the school uniform I wore when I was younger could make for a nice cheer outfit," Isshiki said at a press conference at Hakurei Centre, where the new uniform was previewed.

"With this, the sailor swimsuit uniform is permanently retired. I decided to go with something a little bit more modest but still sleek and feminine. So I used the uniform I wore, did a palette switch and replaced the school emblem with the logo of the university, the rune M.

"It's designed to be breathable, flexible and comfortable because it utilizes space-age fibers. Also, it's easy to move around in. I am considering designing a short-sleeved version of this outfit for home basketball and volleyball matches."

The new cheer outfit for the women will be the new designated alternate cheer outfit starting on Homecoming Week and will only be work for important games. However, if demand is strong, this design could eventually supplant the current primary cheer outfit and render than as the alternate.

Reaction to the new outfit has been positive.

"It's much sleeker and emphasizes the thighs and legs," said Aoi Futaba, this year;s Homecoming Committee chair, a senior liberal arts major from Tokyo. "It's not too revealing, yet it does not need a skirt. I think it's a great, modest upgrade."

"We like outfits that drip with moe, and this is a great design," said Earl Mayfield, a film major from Edmonton, Alberta. "The fans will love this design, and the way the girls move in it."

"We have a nickname for this outfit, the 'Good Feeling' uniform or 'GFs' because it gives you a good feeling while wearing it," said Sanae Dekomori, a junior English major and a member of the cheer team. "I look forward to wearing this one, as with the rest of the girls."

"Four words," said freshman biochem major Pearl Witts of Halifax, Nova Scotia. "Is it Homecoming yet?"

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