Sunday, April 21, 2013

New contract in the works for Tatsuya Kaname

New contract in the works for Tatsuya Kaname
January 10, 2034
Season Report Posted: January 13, 2013 06:52

Mitakihara Magi head coach Tatsuya Kaname has signed to a new four-year contract, according to reports from the University. "Tatsuya has done a wonderful job in restoring pride and dignity to the football program here," said athletic director Fran Koujiro. "I think he will be a fixture for years to come because he is a legendary mind in the prime of his career."

"I want to thank Mitakihara University, Frau, and my wife Madoka," Tatsuya said at the press conference at Hakurei Centre, "for their kindness and generosity in allowing me to continue my work here.

"I have had many offers from the States in wanting to start a career professionally, but I am too attached to this school to want to leave. Even after we defend our Four Corners, I always wake up with the feeling that my job is not done yet.

"This announcement is just a mere formality. We already are making plans for the 2034 season, which should be another fantastic year for Magi football."

The Magi have won 22 national championships, which is good for either second or third, depending on whether Yale's claimed national championship total counts. Princeton remains the leader in all national championships won in college football with 26 (or 28 if Princeton's claims are factored in).

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