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New contract in the works for Tatsuya Kaname

New contract in the works for Tatsuya Kaname
January 10, 2036
Season Report Posted: January 27, 2013 07:26

Mitakihara Magi football head coach Tatsuya Kaname has signed to a new four-year contract, estimated to a $2.8 million CAN over the lifetime of the contract. The bells were ringing at the Madoka Cathedral, playing the school hymn, "Awesome School," heralding the good news to the students who witnessed the announcement at a press conference inside Hakurei Centre.

"Tatsuya is a wonderful coach, an experienced coach that deserves to coach at this school for as long as he lives," said Mitakihara athletic director Frau Koujiro. "We've won 24 national championships and developed so many great players under his tutelage.

"He is the true epitome of the Awesome Coach, a coaching god in a mere mortal's body that comes once in a lifetime. There can only be one Awesome Coach in the history of Mitakihara's athletics program, and it is the brother of our university's founder. He studies the game on the field and at this wonderful training facility, and he immerses himself in finding new ways to help improve the game of football.

"I am confident that we will continue this long and illustrious tradition of developing model student athletes, not just on the football field or the classroom, but in all sports on this campus."

"I am honored to once again sign a contract to be the coach of Mitakihara's football program," Coach Kaname said at the press conference. "The players that come through these halls helped build the legacy of this program and they hail from different walks of life. Many have enjoyed years of success playing in the NFL or CFL, while others have pursued a career in teaching the game as coaches.

"We are the premier destination for those who not only want to become successful at the next level, but also earn the key skills needed to transform humanity as model students. I am proud to continue that tradition and distinction as the head coach of this team."

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