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New secondary logo for Mitakihara Athletics

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New secondary logo for Mitakihara Athletics

December 25, 2029

Season Report Posted: December 15, 2012 01:12

A new secondary logo has been released for Mitakihara University athletics, according to athletic director Frau Koujiro today. The rune M, the trademark and official seal of the university, is placed in Kyubey White on a Madoka Pink shield with Mitakihara Rose lining. The logo is simply known as the Madoka Shield.

"We felt that a simple rune M with Madoka Pink lining was too much like the seal of the school and we wanted to diversify the identity of the athletics teams," said Koujiro at a press conference at Urobuchi Fieldhouse. "This logo, the Madoka Shield, is a bit more professional, more sleeker, and it now bears the weight of what is soon to be 20 years of tradition.

"Our teams have a reputation of being the best it can be, and this is something the team can wear as a blazon patch. It will also be used on a number of our trainer gear. For the time being, the Chibi Madoka will remain our primary logo, since it's the logo that resonates with a lot of people here in this university and this city."

Already, stores are being stockpiles with jackets, blazers, track suits and even ladies' underwear. They are a hit with the Madoka Bookstore, which sold out all of its Madoka Shield-related merchandise within minutes upon initial release. Also announced today was the launch of the Rose Arrow Boosters' official logo: two girls reflecting back to back. This logo will be used for all RAB-related events and fundraisers.

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