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New traditions to Mitakihara: Felix Vera and Decretium

New traditions to Mitakihara: Felix Vera and Decretium

January 22, 2031

Season Report Posted: December 15, 2012 15:10 

A new university tradition, at the request of many students and alumni of the university, will debut on April 4, 2030: Felix Vera.
"Felix Vera means True Happiness in Latin, and is our way commemorating students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni of the Mitakihara Family who passed away," said university president Dr. Madoka Kyouno as a press conference in Kaname Hall. "We have seen the death of a number of athletes who wore the colors of our school, and we have not properly honored them, nor have we properly honored those who have died before them.
"I was inspired by the tradition of Silver Taps and Aggie Muster at Texas A&M, and after a visit to the campus, I decided to go ahead and approve this tradition of honoring the deceased associated with Mitakihara University.
"Felix Vera will be held at Hakurei Centre's main stadium, and will be held at midnight on April 4 on each year, 183 days after Dr. Madoka Kaname's birthday. A number of other events will take place on April 3 prior to the event proper. This will also be a worldwide event, as we want Felix Vera to be observed in gatherings of alumni from around the world."
Over 300 Felix Veras will held around the world, with the largest taking place at Hakurei Centre on the Madokampus. All Felix Vera ceremonies feature the Roll Call for the Absent. As the names of the deceased Magi and Puella Magi are called, a family member or friend answers "Here," and lights a candle, to symbolize that although their loved one is not present in body, his or her spirit will shine forever.
One final announcement from Dr. Kyouno was that another new tradition, Decretium, will be introduced as a way to honor students who died while attending Mitakihara University. Decretiums will be held every second Thursday of the month when necessary at Magia Plaza. On the morning of Decretium, a small card with the deceased student's name, class, major, and birthdate is placed as a notice at the base of the Statue of the Heroes in Magia Plaza. At 10:15 p.m., all lights on campus are extinguished, and Madoka Chapel begins to chime hymns. When the music begins, students gather in silence in front of the Statue of the Heroes at Magia Plaza. At 10:30 pm, the Societe Homuhomu Volunteers march into the plaza and fire a 3-volley salute. Buglers stationed at the top of Kaname Hall from the Mitakihara Marching Ultimates (selected by the band by vote) then play Taps. The song is played three times; once to the north, once to the south, and once to the west. It is never played to the east, "because the sun will never rise on that Magi or Puella Magi again." Once the buglers have finished their tribute, the crowd disperses. Generally, students remain silent until reaching their dorms.

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