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PlayerLync a boon for Mitakihara Athletics

PlayerLync a boon for Mitakihara Athletics

October 4, 2027

Weekly Report Posted: November 16, 2012 10:24

Mitakihara's football team first used the PlayerLync app in 2013. The following season, every team-even the club teams-have been using its unique interface to view playbooks, game film and other important information related to the team. It has resulted in less paper and less hassles.

"I think PlayerLync is a great asset, so great that it is now a corporate sponsor of Mitakihara Athletics," said athletic director Sayaka Miki. "It is so easy to use and very versatile. Players love it. Coaches love it. Everyone loves it."

"I think it has been useful in our efforts to be a be a bit more environmentally friendly," said football
head coach Tatsuya Kaname. "During their time with the campus, every athlete is given an iPad equipped with the PlayerLync app. There, they can take a look at the playbooks we have created, the game film on our next opponent, and their current performances.

"We can even monitor how long they have looked at a specific formation, play, etc. It's really enhanced our performance."

The PlayerLync app allows players and coaches to write notes and highlight plays using the tablet's touchscreen. The playbooks are then saved on remote computer servers, allowing players to access notes from previous games. With paper playbooks, those notes are trashed each week.

A key component to the software is that it runs in the background even when a player is not reviewing the playbook, enabling the app to determine when a coach has an update to push to players, such as a new short-yardage and goal-line package.

When a player isn't connected to Wi-Fi, the app will update using the iPad's high-speed connection on Verizon's LTE network.

"To see that this is now being used by every team out there: from baseball to basketball to hockey to water polo and's really saved a lot of trees and helps in our environmental efforts," Kaname added.

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