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Recruit Ryuta Kasugano plays game with a chip on his shoulder

High school tight end and Mitakihara Magi football recruit Ryuta Kasugano (right) is the son of novelist Sora Kasugano and pastry chef Haruka Kasugano, who are actually brother and sister. Ryuta was conceived through the family planning drug Madocoit Extra.

Recruit Ryuta Kasugano plays game with a chip on his shoulder

By Dan Malvano
The Daily Magi
September 5, 2038

He may look like a woman and have a humble demeanor off the field, but on the field, he ties his long hair back and delivers in prime time. One of the recruits that Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi is looking at for the 2040 season is high school junior tight end Ryuta Kasugano. His sister, Aiko, is a libero on the Mitakihara Puella Magi women's volleyball team. Ryuta and Aiko are the children of Sora and Haruka Kasugano, who are actually siblings. An ironman, Ryuta plays tight end and linebacker for the Mitakihara High Angels but is being recruited as a tight end.

Three years after Madocoit was introduced as part of family planning for lesbian couples, Madocoit Extra was introduced by Dr. Wong Bu Hao and Dr. Wong Long Dong. The pill is used to help modify the genetics that would otherwise result in a baby with severe defects and turn it into a healthy, normal fetus. Sora, who majored in Creative Writing at Mitakihara and is now a novelist, took Madocoit Extra twice, resulting in the birth of Aiko and Ryuta.

Ryuta, in particular, is being recruited by schools like Texas A&M, Florida, Alabama, Oregon and UCLA, including Mitakihara. He is slated to be the top-ranked tight end recruit in 2039. One reason why he is prized so much by scouts from different universities is that he plays the game of football with a chip on his shoulder.

Ryuta's mother, Sora, in her younger years.

"I had been bullied when I was younger," Ryuta said. "There were people telling me that I should have been aborted, that I should never have been born because my parents are actually brother and sister and that I should have been a miscarriage.

"At the age of six, I watched my first Mitakihara Magi football game. I fell in love with the sport, and I told my dad, I want to be a football player. My mom was against the idea at first, but after dad told her that I would be fine, she hesitantly believe me. I joined the youth flag football team at age 8, and then I decided to play tackle football. Not only could I catch passes, but I was growing really tall. I decided to lift weights, eat right and do plenty of running and wind sprints after practice. 

"In our first game of my freshman year against Tamanawis, I was playing linebacker and I was matched up against this motormouth halfback, telling me I was an aborting waiting to happen. He got the ball, and I pushed him down. Sent the fucker flying eight meters. Turns out, I broke his collarbone and he never played football again. I ended up made 25 tackles and six sacks, which catch 30 passes for 250 yards and four touchdowns. When people who don't know my parents disrespect them, I make sure they never play football again.

"Thanks to my hard work, I led the Angels to a provincial championship and a perfect season. And it happened last year, too. The moral of the story is that love overcomes anything. People should be allowed to choose who they want to love and start a family with, even if it's their next of kin. That's why I always play the game with a point to prove: healthy kids, with help from doctors in the know, can come from incestuous relationships too.

"I mean, it's 2038, everyone. We should be more progressive, more liberal, more tolerant in the choice regarding love. There should never be any restrictions, taboos or what not if the couple engaged in forbidden love, according to custom, still love each other nonetheless. I am very proud of my dad, and I am especially proud of my mom, because she always gives good advice and I got my writing and computer savvy from her.

"In fact, I don't think of my mom and dad as brother and sister at all. They are just my mom and dad to me. They are, without question, the best parents that I will ever have and I dedicate everything that I do to them and what they have done to raise me."

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