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Short turnaround for Mitakihara as they prepare for Ohio

Short turnaround for Mitakihara as they prepare for Ohio

September 3, 2028

Weekly Report Posted: November 23, 2012 10:47

The one college team in the state of Ohio that is making a lot of noise is not the Ohio State Buckeyes. It's the Ohio Bobcats, the defending Associated Press National Champions. The AP controversially gave Ohio University the 2027 College Football National Championship in spite of the school getting hammered, 126-35, in New Orleans this past January.

Tatsuya Kaname is the head coach of the Mitakihara Magi, who finished No. 2 in the final AP Poll. He personally felt that this was travesty in the same mold as Timothy Bradley scorecard victory over Manny Pacquiao many years ago.

"I told my players as we made the overnight trip to Athens, look for the signs of them being lauded as 2027 National Champions," Kaname said after practice at Ohio University. "They are everywhere. This is an insult to college football because they have no right to be named National Champions after losing the National Championship Game.

"Seeing that everywhere really motivated these players. They know that Ohio's title is tainted. They should never have been given one of our Four Corners. This year, we plan to get that fourth corner back to our part of Canada, where it will stay so long as I am the coach of this team.

"In the locker room where we are practicing, I posted copies of Ohio being names AP National Champions. I watched them see this, and they ripped the papers to shreds. They got very emotional and angry. They are motivated for Monday.

"I originally did not want to scrimmage on Sunday because of religious obligations by a number of players. However, the fact that this is the AP National Champions we're facing means that we have to be ready to take the welcome mat and use it to smack them into the Kentucky state line."

The short early-season turnaround is the team's first since 2021. The game will be televised live by TSN, ESPN, BBC and NHK.

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